Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yes, We're Still Talking About Boutique Culture....

Yes, Staci and I cannot stop talking about this event, but mostly because YOU cannot stop asking us questions about it! So, here is - the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHERE details you've been wanting....

Boutique Culture Co-Owners Bri Cooper and Kim Staninger

What started as notes on a cocktail napkin is now The Boutique Culture Warehouse Sale. This is a two day event that boasts prices that are equivalent of an outlet (discounts of 40-80% off sale merchandise and 10-20% off new season products), without the look and feel of one! While being more than the ultimate space for fashion finds, they are the new local destination for an all-inclusive edited shopping experience. It's where friends meet to sip on tantalizing refreshments, relax in martini-style lounges and browse the latest contemporary men's and women's collections from local boutiques and designers.

And WHO will be there? MAPEL (of coarse we would not miss this event!)
- Bench Shoes - Canopy Blue - Plane Jane - PRC Clothing - Suzabelle - Deli Men's Boutique - Blackbird - Clutch Seattle - Spun - Una - The Industry - Undies and Outies - Moksha on the Ave - Four Starrs Boutique - Katie Kay - Duque Salon Spa & Boutique - Fashion First

This is what we get asked most - WHAT will Mapel have at this event? Although we cannot disclose our entire hand at once, here are a few teasers to give you an idea of WHAT you will find this weekend:

Fremont Studios
155 N. 35th. St. Seattle, WA

Sat - Aug 29 - 10 am - 6 pm
Sun - Aug 30 - 11 am - 4 pm

We'll see you there!!!

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