Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't wait because in early March we'll be showing the first of our spring teasers via Look forward to light weight cotton dress that can be dressed up or worn casual. You'll also see our new petite jeans (thanks for all your feedback last week) and much more.

This week I want to order a few more teasers for mid march arrival- and I need your help.
Once again I want to open the forum for your feedback. Are the below styles HOT or NOT?

The boyfriend blazer. It's oversized, the sleeves are intended to be rolled up with an interesting lining detail. It's loose, it's casual and has a boxy fit. Are you wearing it this year?  HOT or NOT?

Floral Influenced Dress
This little number is already in the bag- but none the less I would love to hear what you want in a dress this spring/summer. There seems to be a push for prints (specifically non descript florals) and bold colors. I love this little sweetie. It's feminine, fresh and can be perfectly paired with a cardi and flats or worn super sezy with some killer stilhettoes. HOT or NOT?

Spring Transitional Coat
It's not quite warm enough to ditch the outerpinning- but I am So Done with my puffer and wool coats. We want to bring in a lightweight and comfortabel spring coat. This little number has interesting detail with the offset double breasted buttons, hidden placket and gathered sleeves. I'm also kinda obsessed with peter pan collars. Are you ready for a spring coat? or are you skipping it altogether and jumping into spring with a lightweight cardi?  HOT or NOT?

Jodpur/Cuffed/Boyfriend Pants
Are you wearing these? ARE YOU? I am so torn about these pants. I think they are cute in looks books and magazines- but are the rest of us wearing this look? It kinda reminds me of grade school when I worked so hard to cuff my pants as tight as possible (but I also paired them with 2 diff colored socks on each foot). HOT or NOT?

Lightweight Elongated Cardi.
I love cardigans. Always have- always will. I so love the idea of a super lightweight (almost see through) summer cardigan with an extended length and real loose body. I think it pairs perfectly with any dress (structured or casual) and goes well with jeans and sandals or shorts. Some women prefer more shaping- but if your underpinnings have shape the cardigan is the perfect pairing. HOT or NOT?

Send us a comment with your feedback or send us an email at .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You be the Buyer

As the weather warms up (Thank YOU) Jenelle and I are thinking about spring and summer product. We are anxious for cropped denim, vivid cami's, summer sandals and lightweight wraps. I'll be heading to LA to check out summer product within the next few weeks (yes- I'm waiting until The Last Minute) . None the less I don't think we can wait that long to bring in a few warm weather teasers.

Mapel wants to hear from YOU. Below are a few styles that we are debating placing orders for. Before doing so I want to get your feedback- are these summer teasers Hot or Not?

Subject #1: 

The boyfriend fit "Josefina" jean from 7's. The "boyfriend" styling been on our radar for a few seasons. It might be perfect during the summer months because it acts as a cropped jean and is fashion forward.
It’s slightly roomy through the thigh, slim through the leg, and tapers to a narrow leg opening. The Josefina can be worn cuffed or un-cuffed. This jean would retail for approx $158

Subject # 2:
The Lexie Petite jean

One of our Best Selling jeans is our Dojo Petite (well- it's not technically called "petite" it's considered a flip flop length). Customers love that it's not super model 34" inseam and they can wear the jeans right out the door (and they do just that). We want to also offer 7's formal petite jean the Lexie. This petite jean would retail for approx $158.

Wash Beverly Glen

Wash Vintage Del Mar

Give us your thoughts- share your feedback- tell us what you want (or don't want) this spring and summer. We'll be adding more Hot or Not surveys to our blog as we narrow down our spring and summer buy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last night Staci and I attended Leavenworth's Annual Chamber Auction.  You may recall that my hubby and I went a little overboard with our bidding last year, so this year we scaled back a bit and just picked up a few small items during the silent auction.  We did have some fun bidding on a few live auction items, but someone always managed to outbid us.  Staci got a certain something for her valentine, but I will let her tell you more about that in a future blog so that I don't ruin any surprises for Barnsie.
As always, John Curly was a lively host, and even had some little helpers this year.  All I can say is that the apple, or in this case "apples" do not fall far from the tree! Everytime those 2 little cuties thought of something to share, they marched right up to their dad and just said it right into the microphone for all to hear.  And they even bid on some of the live auction items - it was really funny.
We saw lots of our friends at the event - including Mapel's neighbor from d'vinery (below).  It was great to spend time with friends and celebrate Leavenworth's successes from 2009 - including our new train station, sales revenue that surpassed expectations, and major city improvements.  Mapel is lucky to be part of such a thriving and innovative business community!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mapel's Top Sales Associates

There's no doubt that Mapel has an amazing team.  While our W-2 employees are AMAZING, it's our "little helpers" that often steal the show at Mapel! As many of you know, I bring my 8 month-old daughter Cora Jean to the shop with me during the week.  It's quite the balancing act for me, but the customers seem to love it.  And Cora is developing a love for handbags at an early age.

In addition to my little baby helper, my 10 year old cousin, Grace, and her best friend, Aurora, often help at the shop.  They love their "job" more than I have ever seen any adult love their job.  I have never seen an employee get as excited as Grace does to mop the floor, or tag new inventory.  Grace and Aurora's enthusiasm is contagious and encourages me to look at my daily routine at Mapel in a whole new light.  If I can get even half as excited as they do about new store projects, then I am going to spend my time enjoying every moment of my work day!
Grace and Aurora especially LOVE offering Mapel chocolate truffles to customers.  And the customers instantly adore them and rarely refuse a chocolate treat! I haven't conducted a full analysis YET but I think it's safe to say that Mapel's sales go up when Cora, Grace, and Aurora are at the shop.  Also, they are wonderful models for Mapel's expanding Little Ones section in which you can now find beautiful handmade hats by Angelica Louthan (shown on Cora), along with fun frocks from Sanae Ishida and fresh spring dresses from Katie Myers.