Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mapel's Top Sales Associates

There's no doubt that Mapel has an amazing team.  While our W-2 employees are AMAZING, it's our "little helpers" that often steal the show at Mapel! As many of you know, I bring my 8 month-old daughter Cora Jean to the shop with me during the week.  It's quite the balancing act for me, but the customers seem to love it.  And Cora is developing a love for handbags at an early age.

In addition to my little baby helper, my 10 year old cousin, Grace, and her best friend, Aurora, often help at the shop.  They love their "job" more than I have ever seen any adult love their job.  I have never seen an employee get as excited as Grace does to mop the floor, or tag new inventory.  Grace and Aurora's enthusiasm is contagious and encourages me to look at my daily routine at Mapel in a whole new light.  If I can get even half as excited as they do about new store projects, then I am going to spend my time enjoying every moment of my work day!
Grace and Aurora especially LOVE offering Mapel chocolate truffles to customers.  And the customers instantly adore them and rarely refuse a chocolate treat! I haven't conducted a full analysis YET but I think it's safe to say that Mapel's sales go up when Cora, Grace, and Aurora are at the shop.  Also, they are wonderful models for Mapel's expanding Little Ones section in which you can now find beautiful handmade hats by Angelica Louthan (shown on Cora), along with fun frocks from Sanae Ishida and fresh spring dresses from Katie Myers. 

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