Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Friday's Event @ Mapel Boutique

We're back at it again this Friday July 29th.

This Summer, like clock work; Mapel opens our doors to a local artist, uncorks a few bottles and offers a surprise shopping sale every other Friday. We've had 2 fabulously successful events and know that this coming Friday's event will be the best yet.

Join us as local artist Gina Wombacher shares her collection of photography.
Starting at 4.30 we'll be showcasing her work alongside a fabulous summer sale. Complimentary wine and small bites available.

Check out a few pics from our last Wine Event!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highlights from Last Friday's Wine Event!!!

Last Friday, Mapel had the honor of hosting Gail Tussing as our featured artist. The elegance of her work is to be commended. From abstract to scenic, her art stirs up an emotion with every glance and naturally leads to deep contemplation. It was fascinating getting to know the inspiration or story behind each of her pieces, or create my own story to go with each unique abstract.

To compliment the evening, Mapel had the privilege of donating fifteen percent of sales to non-profit, Divine Threads. They will be housed in an old farm house, minutes from Mapel, and right now they are in the process of demolishing and remodeling. I can only imagine that it will be cozy and welcoming for the women who are making the choice to transition their current lifestyles into professional career paths. As a start-up non-profit there is a huge need of time, gently used clothes, and financial support, and they are so thankful for any and all contributions. If you ever need to revamp your closet and want to donate your clothing, Divine Threads is gladly accepting contributions. You may contact them via Facebook or email them at .

If you missed our last event, please pencil in Friday July 19th from 4:30 to 8:30!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Friday @ Mapel Boutique

'Did you miss our First Friday? We’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself!!! Friday, July 15th, artist Gail Tussing will be showcasing her canvas art! This is definitely not her first art show. She has also painted live, and sold her artwork at a local auction at The Allison, a sophisticated boutique hotel in Newberg, Oregon. Her use of bright colors enhances her scenic paintings, and is a perfect addition, adding character and life to any wall or room!

In addition to having the opportunity to purchase Gail’s art, there will also be wine tasting available a chance to win a gift basket and 15% of that evenings proceeds will be donated to Divine Threads.

See you Friday @ Mapel Boutique in Bridgeport between the hours of 4.30-8.30 for our event!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanks to everyone that came out to our First (but not Last) Wine Event last Friday. On July 1st we kicked off our first in a series of bi-weekly Wine Friday's. During the summer months Mapel Boutique will showcase a new local artists while offering complimentary wine tasting from a local winery every other Friday. You can also count on some great in store sales and promos during each event.

We loved hosting Jenny Shildon as our first artist. Her work was perfectly complimented with wine tasting from Cathedral Ridge Winery from Hood River!!!!

Special Thanks to our associate Jennica that put on the whole event!!!! Well Done!!!

Join us for our next Wine Event. Friday July 15th starting at 4.30.
Local artist Gail Tussing will be showcasing her work. We'll be tasting Fox Farm Vineyards and Mapel Boutique will be donating 15% off that evenings sales towards Divine Threads!!!! You won't wonna miss it!!!