Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is That THING?

That "THING" is Mapel's Extended Wrap Sweater$48 in colors Brulee & Heather Gray. It's a crazy beast of a sweater that functions in many capacities. I first met this sweater in the LA Tulle Showroom. The sweater was both confusing and intriguing. I asked my rep to "tell me more about this THING" - and that she did. She gave me a quick tutorial on how to wear this sweater (all 8 ways). At that moment I was SOLD.

One of Mapel's forever best selling item is our Stevie Wrap from Alternative Apparel. It's soooo easy to wear while offering a bit of style to your look. Mapel sells them for $28 and we are constantly re-ordering replenishments of this sweetie style.

So..... in an effort to NOT sound too much like a fickle old man looking for the younger, skinnier, blonder woman- I have to ask: ?Will the Extended Wrap replace our Stevie Wrap? We've only had it in our store for a week and we've already re-ordered more units. Maybe it's possible that the heavens will align and both Wrap Sweaters can co-exist peacefully @ Mapel.

Back to the "THING" in question. The biggest question customers ask us is "How do you wear it" and at that point I physically illustrate the many ways this "THING" can be worn. Since we can't do that for our web customers I wanted to send a few pics to show you this "THING" in action.

-Hence the name "Extended" Wrap Sweater-

-Extension is deep enough to wrap around neck and shoulders in a variety of ways-

-Pull extension over neck for a "Fly Away Cardigan" look-

-Pull extension over neck and drap over shoulders for a "shawl" look-

-Twist extension a few times before wrapping around neck for a "roped" appearance-

-Turn extension inside out and extend over neck for a messy casual look-

         -Wrap extension around neck and over one shoulder for a casual nonchalant appearance-

Since we completed these pics I've had customer show me other ways to wear this sweater.... so the moral of the story is that this "THING" is whatever you want it to be.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trend Forecast called for Lady'hosen & Dirndl's Last Weekend

We came, we saw, we drank, we danced and we conquered Ale Fest. Truth be told- this event followed through on it's promise- it was an Ale of a Party.

Highlights include- but are not limited to:
*Local Breweries like Manny's, Rogue, Deschutes, Georgetown and Jenelle's NEW favorite Stone Brewing.

*Popcorn. Not sure what this was about -  but we were Lovin' the combo of popcorn bag in one hand, beer in the other and dancing.

*Lady'hosen. Unbeknownst to me women can also wear "Leiderhosen" and in this case are newly named "Lady'hosen". Yes... the fit of these rigid leather bloomers look like I had an accident in my pants- but when in Bavaria do as the Bavarians do.

Lowlights include- but are not limited to:
*Late night hunger when all the restaurant kitchens have closed.

*Cobwebs in my head the next morning

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Ale of a Time

We're half way there. We've survived the last 6 months and we only have 6 more to go. Come October we can once again don our tacky yarn braids, obsessively large stein and proclaim "Prost" like we invented the word. We miss you Oktoberfest- but there's no doubt that you live in our hearts.

Oh... the memories. Some intentionally forgotten and others abundanteley embellished.

If you know a Bavarian you KNOW they will create any excuse to dust off their steins and eat obscenely large pretzels. Leave it to Bavarian Leavenworth to create a festival to tide us over till Oktoberfest. Next Saturday, April 17th Leavenworth celebrates the 3rd annual Ale Fest - and if you know us Bavarians you KNOW it will be an Ale of a Party.

Expect all of your favorite Bavarian party platforms - Food, Music, Beer and Crazy Hats. To cover up the debauchery the profits go toward Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, a local non-profit organization. So... you can feel good about getting down with your Bad Bavarian self enjoying local brews, local tunes and drunk food.

Details are as follows:
Saturday April 17th
Leavenworth WA
12-10pm Leavenworth Festhalle
$20 Advance Ticket @
$25 Ticket @ Door
20 Micro Breweries & Northwest Bands

Still Not Convinced???? I understand- you need proof that such a festival exists and that it will be as fun as above indicated. Here goes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

?Wear with What? Ponte Knit Pants

You see it in magazines, you peep out other people wearing them on the streets, you see them in the stores- but you aren't quite sure how to wear them yourself. Today the clouds break and the sun shines in because your questions are answered. ?What do you Wear those skinny pants With???

Those skinny legg ponte pants (a heavier bottom weight material) are Everywhere. Trust me... they are not going anywhere. After perusing hundreds of summer and fall styles in LA last week all brands were still showing skinny knit pants.

Embody Casual Chic with Mapel's Double Knit Pants paired with a casual tee and soft canvas jacket. You are a weekend warrior and have a "to do" checklist to get "checked" off. You gotta' go to the market, you gotta' pick up dry cleaning and you of course gotta' meet your besties for late lunch. Do it all in comfort and style with 7 For All Mankind's Double Knit Pants, Alternative's Pre Shrunk Long Sleeve Burnout Tee $26,

You're Important. People depend on you professionally and personally. You know how important you are but does your attire embody your value to other people? Dress for success (cliche'... i know)  and people will surely follow you. Wear 7 For All Mankind's Double Knit Pants as leggings over a tunic/dress. They are super slimming and wear nicely under dress or tunics. They are paired here with our favorite asymmetrical dress- Malina Silver Dress $86 and accented with Hermaite Bangles $35 and stilhettoes.

It's Ladies Night- and Oh What a Night it will be. We know you have your favorite "night out" jeans. They make your butt look oh so good and you can go down low (dancing....) in them. Update your look with these jean styling Ponte Pants from 7 For All Mankind. Shown here with one of Champagne Lace's gold adorned silk tees $34. Pair with a subtly detailed bracelet and casual clutch.

Still not sure if the double knit pants are for you? Let Mapel help you embrace this trend with 25% off.
This Week Only - 25% off 7 For All Mankind Double Knit Pants.
Enter Promo Code DoubleKnit25 @ checkout - valid through Wednesday April 7th.