Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picture This...

Special thanks to Tara Tidwell who hopped into Mapel Boutique this week for a surprise photo shoot. For such an unexpected visit  she got some great shots that will be used later this month for a joint marketing campaign. She was a pleasant surprise to a casual Monday.

Below are a few of her shots. Thanks Tara.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Come Rain or Shine....

Last weekend was a dousey (is that how you spell ?dousey?). In an effort to meet an ad deadline we fitted and shot our fall landing page shoot in record time. Under record conditions. We had 48 hours to coordinate schedules between our model, photographer and myself and regardless of weather conditions we had to get it done.
It rained... alot.... but fashion prevailed and we got some fabulous shots and made our ad deadline (check us out in Portland Monthly's November issue).
Below is a single candid (so you can see how crazy the weather was) and a few of our edited shots. Thanks to our fabulous team that made it possible!!!