Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shave Your Legs- Spring Has Sprung

It's official- spring has sprung. You know it's spring time when you make a diligent effort to shave your legs on a "nearly" daily basis and start to pack away your lofty winter sweaters. As tulips and daffodils  bloom so does spring fashion. We were overly excited to see our bouquet of new spring treat'ies arrive last week.

It was heart at first site when our Miley Canvas Jacket$68 arrived from BB Dakota. We love her true cardinal red color, extended neck detail and casually cool belted appearance. Even better-  the ability to transfer from unpredictable spring weather into summer with this jacket. The ONE thing we didn't like so much was the name. But.... the name aside we heart his jacket.

Give our passion for vibrant colors and our anxiousness to ditch the dark gray colors of winter we HAD to put this jacket into our recent photo shoot. The Miley looks amazing on Ashley (well- of course- she is So adorable) and photographs nicely in that cardinal red color. We paired the Miley Jacket with 2 of our best sellers. The Sun Burnout Tee ($26) and Dojo Jeans ($152). Her "flare" was in the form of Filagree Earrings$30 from Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique.

Not a day goes by without getting a cup of coffee from our friends & neighbors at Haus Dog Koffee. Klaus and Regina (yes- they are Germans living in a Bavarian town) brew up our beverage of choice like it's an art- and considering they are as serious about coffee as we are about fashion- it is an art.

Ashley soaked up some sun while sipping her coffe in our Malina Silver Dress $86.  We LOVE her personal styling of this dress with vintage cowboy boots. The juxtapose of silk and equestrian is fabulous.

(special consideration and thanks to Stella- the wonder dog)

Mapel strongly believes that it's important to save a horse and ride a truck. That's how the song goes right? Ashley's Blue Tye Jacket $48 perfectly complimented her rogue ride.

For a full list of our Newest Spring Styles check out Mapel's website.

Special thanks to our sweet friend Heidi Michelle Photography & Ashley.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's on our Trend'ar (you know... instead of Radar)

Early next week I'm headed to Calli to peep out some product and catch up with one of my besties. Last week Mapel got in some GREAT spring teasers. We'll call them appetizers since it's enough to tide us over till the bulk of our spring & summer product arrives.

What am I am looking for at market? What do all of yous want to be wearing? My radar is set on the below trends.

BLUE: This season blue is neither somber or sad- in fact it's the most dominant color for spring. It's vivid & it's soft and......it's everywhere. Blue lends sophistication while allowing us to "play" with color. It's OK to play with your fashion - I love that.

Peter Som Spring 2010

Jill Sander Spring 2010

Stella McCartney Spring 2010

Lela Rose Spring 2010

Mapel's Newest Blue Treats:

PRINTS: Make a statement of yourself (not a fool) this spring with prints. Go vivid & get intense- but be sure to pair with neutral shoes or subtle accessories or a solid layering. Designers have taken their initial inspriation from nature then digitally remastered their artwork into innovative and statement prints.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010

Versace Spring 2010

Narcisco Rodriguez Spring 2010

Stella McCartney Spring 2010

Mapel's Spring Printed Assortment:

Flowy Neutrals:  I think this trend will be more dominant in the fall- but we see a hint of it in spring/summer fashion. Inspiriation is in  lightweight fabrics that are drapy and flowy. They smooth over curves and move with ease. Colors are neutral soft palettes that evoke a calming yet collected appearance.

Michael Kors Spring 2010

Fendi Spring 2010

Mapel's Neutral Offerings:

Eclectic Nomad:  Similiar to military chic this look is very random and described within a variety of styles. Eclectic Nomad pulls inspiration from safari, traveling, ethnic and a little military chic. It's casual and unstructured with  muted dirty tones and Sexy. Yes- sexy. That gritty and dirty sort of sexy.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

Chloe Spring 2010

Marni Spring 2010

Find your Inner Eclectic Nomad with Mapel:
Jamie Button Down in Silver & Mint $58

Taupe & Nantucket Navy Cotton Dress $38

Thursday, March 11, 2010

?Wear with What?

At the request of our customers Mapel is offering a regular blog that discusses' ?What to Wear with What?.

Many of you have asked us how to wear various items you've purchased from Mapel. When you are in the store it's easy for us to recommend jeans, tops, shorts, handbags, jewelry, etc. etc. to compliment the item you are interested in. For those of you perusing our offerings via the WWW we can't easily recommend ways to wear our fashions - Until NOW!!!!

This week we want to show you 3 ways to wear our Jamie Button Down (avail in Mint & Silver).

Let me first share a bit about Jamie. She comes to us from Alternative- one of our Fav'sies brands. She is pre-shrunk (low maintenance) and is constructed of both woven and knit material. Her body is a lightweight voile material (breathable and comfy) and has knit rib along the side's (even more comfy & doesn't have the weird "wings" along the side seam that most shirts have). 

She is a wardrobe staple and can transition effortlessly from season to season- as illustrated below.

It was sunny, pleasantly warm and mojito weather this weekend. Today it's snowing (literally) and too cold  to wear my fav gold flats. Enters Jaime Button Down @ stage left. She offers seasonal transition during these fickle weather days. Bundle her up with a comfy cardi sweater (Paul Smith Sweater Wrap $38) and skinny jeans  (Joes Cigarette Jeans $158) that will soon enough be best friends with your summer sandals - but at present tucked into your sherpa boots (Bearpaw $68). Because you have places to go and people to see stuff all your most "importants" into a bowler bag (Studded Bowler $58).

Get dressed up (but look like you didn't have to try because with you it's more or less natural) in your city chic ensemble. Wear the Jamie button down sans a tank top for a sexy (who? me? - oh, well thanks.) nonchalant look. She has a dropped button closer so be sure adorn your neck
with a necklace (Heart & Horn $42 on Happy Wednesday $33.60).

The comfy and loose shape of the Jamie is perfectly complimented with slim fitting jeans (Joes Cigarette Jeans $158) and your favorite "come hither" heels. Add flare with bangles (Gold or Silver $35) and a big city tote (Grey Pleated Tote $62) to hold your valuables (cell, gloss, mace).

Eventually (I promise) it will warm up. Once it does you and your best'ies are certain to arrange weekend brunches on an outdoor patio to simultaneously gossip and people watch. Before running out the door throw on your Jaime button down over your casual tank (Burnout Tank $18). Pair with loose fitting pleated shorts (Pepper Shorts $39.50 or Resort Shorts $38.40). Don't over accessorize with too much jewelry- instead subtly embellish with a gold tone purse (Quilted Bag $48) and flats.

Hopefully this blog has shed some fashion light. Send us an email (info@shopmapel.com) or leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. How would you wear the Jamie Button Down???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jessica & Tim's Adventure to Leavenworth

Last October Mapel celebrated our 2 year Anniversary by offering a store wide discount @ http://www.shopmapel.com/. In addition to the discount one lucky customer would receive a weekend get away in Leavenworth with free lodging, dinner and a shopping spree. Jessica Reed was the lucky recipient of our weekend get away.

She cashed in on her winning this February during Valentines Weekend. She received one free nights lodging at Haus Wunderbar (in the Mapel building) a dinner gift certificate to South and a Mapel shopping gift certificate.

We asked her to share her experience for our readers and this is what she had to say:

Jessica and Tim’s Adventure to Leavenworth

We arrived in Leavenworth at 3pm on a Sunday, the weather was dreary but the atmosphere was warm and inviting. After window shopping and wine tasting, we decided to go into Mapel to say hello to Janelle and Staci and to get the room key to stay in the fabulous Haus Wunderbar Suites.

When we walked into the suite, I could have died (literally, no joke). The Condo was so big and luxurious, granite countertops, tile flooring, and stainless steel appliances. The master bathroom was so breathtaking, there were TWO shower heads…I mean, who has that?

We decided to catch our breath and take another walk around town. We decided to eat at the restaurant South on the recommendation of Janelle and Staci; it was completely North of our expectations We had the chicken en mole tacos and listened to a local artist perform, it was the perfect evening.

We had such a great time and we just love Leavenworth. Thank you so much Haus Wunderbar Suites (www.destinationleavenworth.com), South restaurant (www.southleavenworth.com), and most of all, Janelle and Staci from Mapel!!!