Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mapel's 3 Year Anniversary SALE Event

Three Year Ago we opened Mapel Boutique in Leavenworth. It's been a long uphill course for Jenelle and I- and we've loved every minute of it. In hindsight we laugh about the moment when industry professionals refer to us directly as "those little girls with a dress shop", or when outside associates (in this case our landlord) bullies us unsuccessfully to re-defining our lease to suite his ever changing needs.

So instead of putting on some weight, wearing high heels and maturing into "women", Jenelle and I have stayed the course as "little girls with a dress shop" and laughed all the way to the bank. OK- we've not yet officially gotten "to the bank" but it's in sight and we feel accomplished, tenured and successful after 3 years.

We are celebrating our accomplishments with an Anniversary SALE Event. Now through October 31st Mapel is offering $33 off All Denim Styles. This includes full price, sale, online specials- the whole assortment is up for grabs during Mapel's Anniversary Sale Event. Those that Shop Early receive the BEST size selection.

Secondly- Mapel is giving away $20 Gift Certificates for Outerwear to Everyone that posts the below tag via FaceBook:

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Event @ Shop Mapel - $33 off ALL DENIM now through October 31st - Check It Out!!! Everyone that TAGS @ShopMapel with this status will receive a $20 Mapel Gift Certificate towards Outerwear.
Below are a few of our selections during our Anniversary SALE Event.
Pair your Winter Boots with a Skinny Leg Jean:

Joes Jeans
Chelsea Ultra Slim $135
(normally $168)

7 For All Mankind
Gwenevere Skinny $139
(normally $172)

7 For All Mankind
(normally 149.00)

For Mapel's Sweet and Petite Customer we offer an extensive assortment of Shorter Inseam Jeans:

Citizens of Humanity
(normally $172)

Hudson Jeans
(normally $176)

Paige Jeans
(normally $178)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $152)

Mapel also has slightly higher waist jeans- to ensure comfort and no droopy drawers when you sit down:

Citizens of Humanity
(normally $156)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $168)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $158)

Last but Not Least is the newest addition to our assortment- and one of our best sellers:

Hudson Jeans
(normally $176)

Remember: Shop Early for best Selection
Mapel Always offers FREE Shipping and FREE Exchanges
For further details please see our FAQ's page
For questions please send us an email @

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oktoberfest '10 Highlights



We began the weekend by making sure we had everything on our Oktoberfest checklist....Lederhosen - check! Dirndl - check! Crazy bavarian hats - check! Big stein of beer - check! The 2nd weekend of O'fest was just as fun as the first - especially because my two best'ies  -Jackie and Jaime - came to L to help out at Mapel and enjoy the festivities!
 My famous aunt Heidi Kuhn (aka Heidi Klum) also had her best-ies with her this weekend - those girls looked adorable in their "rock out with your brat out" Mapel tees and cute fall hats (also from Mapel...)

 We tent-hopped throughout the evening to enjoy all the different genres of music and activities Oktoberfest had to offer. 

Dinner at South was a MUST following a fun yet exhausting day at the shop!
And it wouldn't be Oktoberfest in my house without Elmo doing the chicken dance with Cora several hundred times per day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lovin' the Lederhosen....

Alright, I admit it.  I am using this week's blog to show off the latest pics of my daughter.  BUT it is related to this month's blog theme "Oktoberfest".  Staci and I have been working crazy long hours during this festive month in Leavenworth, so at about midnight last night I asked my hubby to (once again) help Mapel out by writing this week's blog about lederhosen.  He quickly informed me that writing a blog reminded him too much of being in school and having papers to write - a dreaded task that he hopes to leave in the past.  Fine.  I'll write about lederhosen myself. 

If you follow Mapel's blog (and who doesn't?!), then you already know that my hubby, Torrey, is OBSESSED with these fine leather pants/shorts suspender-combos called "lederhosen". He has accumulated quite the selection of various sizes, colors, and styles. This time of year, he sells them online and in Mapel, and you might be surprised by how many men are willing to pay $120 - $140 for a pair of 'hosen.

 In addition to selling pieces from his "collection", Torrey also loans out the leder to friends/family that visit us in Leavenworth. Most of them eagerly agree to pose as bavarians for a day or so. He also insists on dressing our 1 year-old daughter, Cora in lady'hosen during O'fest. It sort of makes her look like a little boy from the early 19th century, but I love it! Cora is proving that she can pull off individual style at a young age.