Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lovin' the Lederhosen....

Alright, I admit it.  I am using this week's blog to show off the latest pics of my daughter.  BUT it is related to this month's blog theme "Oktoberfest".  Staci and I have been working crazy long hours during this festive month in Leavenworth, so at about midnight last night I asked my hubby to (once again) help Mapel out by writing this week's blog about lederhosen.  He quickly informed me that writing a blog reminded him too much of being in school and having papers to write - a dreaded task that he hopes to leave in the past.  Fine.  I'll write about lederhosen myself. 

If you follow Mapel's blog (and who doesn't?!), then you already know that my hubby, Torrey, is OBSESSED with these fine leather pants/shorts suspender-combos called "lederhosen". He has accumulated quite the selection of various sizes, colors, and styles. This time of year, he sells them online and in Mapel, and you might be surprised by how many men are willing to pay $120 - $140 for a pair of 'hosen.

 In addition to selling pieces from his "collection", Torrey also loans out the leder to friends/family that visit us in Leavenworth. Most of them eagerly agree to pose as bavarians for a day or so. He also insists on dressing our 1 year-old daughter, Cora in lady'hosen during O'fest. It sort of makes her look like a little boy from the early 19th century, but I love it! Cora is proving that she can pull off individual style at a young age.

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KELLY said...

Cora looks adorable in blue but she probably would in any color. I would love to come to Washington just to come to your store. My maiden name is MAPEL and I thought it pretty awesome there is a store the same name. I love the Sweet deals at happy hour concept, and chocolate too! I will post you on my facebook. All I can say is WOW!
Kelly Mapel Dockens