Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oktoberfest '10 Highlights



We began the weekend by making sure we had everything on our Oktoberfest checklist....Lederhosen - check! Dirndl - check! Crazy bavarian hats - check! Big stein of beer - check! The 2nd weekend of O'fest was just as fun as the first - especially because my two best'ies  -Jackie and Jaime - came to L to help out at Mapel and enjoy the festivities!
 My famous aunt Heidi Kuhn (aka Heidi Klum) also had her best-ies with her this weekend - those girls looked adorable in their "rock out with your brat out" Mapel tees and cute fall hats (also from Mapel...)

 We tent-hopped throughout the evening to enjoy all the different genres of music and activities Oktoberfest had to offer. 

Dinner at South was a MUST following a fun yet exhausting day at the shop!
And it wouldn't be Oktoberfest in my house without Elmo doing the chicken dance with Cora several hundred times per day.

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