Thursday, January 27, 2011

Event Recap

Thanks to everyone that came out for Katie's Trunk show this week. What a GREAT event. Her pieces were (no joke) jaw dropping. Brilliant. The hours leading up to the event we had customers asking about her work before we even had them tagged or merchandised. Kudos to Katie for her diligence, hard work and creative eye.
Below are a few pics from the event.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Renaissance Woman

My sweet, talented, strong and accomplished friend Katie Myers is a true Renaissance Woman.
By definition a Renaissance Woman is:
A woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

That is THE descriptive of my friend Katie. When her kids were babies she made a business out of crafting baby slings, nursing covers, pacifiers straps - you name it. Essentially she made her own baby goodies and all her mommie friends came calling for their own. A business is created - 'Voila.
As her kids grew she started making little girl dress, tutu's and newsboy caps. Voila' - A business is created.

Now her kids have grown out of the "little girl dress' and tutu" phase. So today Katie keeps her hands busy by crafting furniture. She takes older pieces and refurbishes them. New paint, new fabric covers, new etching, new whatever is needed to bring life back to an old and loved furniture piece. She slowly started creating these pieces and finding places for them in her home. It didn't take long for friends and family to request commissioned pieces. Voila- a business is created.

Katie has most recently created a variety of sweet, lovely, jaw dropping pieces for Mapel. My store is presently accented with a number of her signature pieces. You'll find her victorian shaped and geometric patterned ottomans in our dressing rooms.

She also has bow legged garden party chairs tucked into our corners or greeting you at the door. Her charming multi drawer dresser with asymmetrical glass handles and 2 matching porcelain etched handles holds our plethora of scarves and soy based candles.

Yesterday Katie popped into the store with yet another piece. Unbeknownst to me she had taken an older and larger table and shorted it to create a petite and boutique aesthetic. She painted it and then created hand drawn borders along the top.

So... if all of this isn't enough to make you feel totally inspired and want to tap into your inner Martha Stewart- Katie has accepted my offer to host Mapel's first ever trunk show. Traditionally a trunk show is when a designer brings their "trunk" of new goodies and opens it up to share with a select group of people. Since Katie's work certainly won't fit into a trunk- she is bringing car loads of her work. I'm looking forward to showcasing bedroom sets, restructured cork frames, dressers, toy chests and Much More.

Because Katie has such an inviting and encouraging spirit she has opened the trunk show invite to anyone and everyone. She wants to host an evening with new and old friends that celebrates her workmanship. Stop into Mapel on Tuesday the 25th and take a stroll through her lovingly merchandised vignettes. Mapel will have wine (of course) and chocolate.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheeseburger in Paradise

It was Nuts- absolutely Nuts getting the Bridgeport store open in time for the Holidays. Once the store was open we were emerged into the holiday shopping season. Which is the best way to learn the ropes- jump in feet first and start swimming!!! After all that "emerging" and "swimming" I was ready for a 'vaca!!!

Shortly after Christmas I headed down south to Mexico to join my family for New Years. It was 4 whole days of eating, drinking, laying, talking, relaxing (anything that doesn't "require" a shower and makeup). Both Brandon and I had a Great Time ringing in the New Year with fireworks and family.

Upon arrival I had to snatch up sweet Enzo and source myself a cerveza. 

It's clear from this picture How Much my nephew LoVeS me!!!

Cheeseburger in Paradise!!!

Here i'm dispersing crucial fashion tips to my niece while cruising the streets of Bara de Navidad.

New Years & All Sparkly!!!

The most stressful point was trying to coordinate family pictures with over 7 kids and 13 adults!!!

After 2.5 years Brandon received his first Silver Wings T-Shirt. He was Soooo excited.

Not uncommon to find me with a cervesa at all times.

We have 6 boys in our family (in this instance it doesn't include my dad)!!!

Sweet Enzo!!!!