Thursday, September 30, 2010

O'fest in Full Bavarian Effect

We have been counting down the days for the last 22 days- literally. As soon as October begins to peek it's head out from under the pile of fall leaves we begin strategizing how to make the Most out of our Favorite month of the year.

We Love October because it brings Oktoberfest to our sweet little Bavarian town of Leavenworth.

Guaranteed fun all month long with a town full of brat hungry people eagerly quenching their thirst via steins of beer. Jenelle and I excitedly re-merchandise our whole store this month. We carry double the amount of product we would normally carry- which means alot of work tetris'ing all this product into our tiny store and even more tiny stock room. Since we are busily shooting new product for the website and steaming outerwear we won't be able to elaborate further on how much we love O'fest. We can however show pics of the mad'ness!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let Me Clear My Throat....

Through a series of ill customer service events this week I couldn't help but beam over how accommodating Mapel is. Yes- I'm bragging but I believe I have reason to boast.

This last weekend I "hosted" (and I use that word loosely) a Garage Sale. My parents are moving and I offered to help them via a G Sale- and it allowed me to rid myself of Boxes and Boxes of clothes, shoes and purses that I somehow accumulated while working at Nordstrom.
Upon completion of the G Sale I couldn't wait to deposit my spoils. I went into my US Bank just below my house to do my banking. When I got to the counter I started stacking my bills and my coins.

For the record my bills were counted and I had approximately 5 rolls of coins (3 quarter rolls of $10 each and 2 nickel rolls of $5 each). In addition to the rolls of change I has about... a small handful of loose change.
In the midst of me stacking my spoils on the counter the clerk started to mumble something to the guy behind her. I would assume that since the guy behind her was wearing a a long sleeve embroidered US Bank shirt he was her (short sleeve embroidered polo) superior. I heard them mumble mumble mumble. Then timidely the long sleeve told me they could not accept my change.

Me: What?

Long Sleeve: We don't have a change counter here so we can't take your change?

Me: What did you say? You can't take my change?

Long Sleeve: Well.... we could take some of it- but only the loose change and only as much as we can fit in her drawer.

Me: Just so I understand what you are saying.... You CAN NOT deposit my change?

Long Sleeve: Yea.... we don't have a change counter here- so we would have to actually un-roll your coins and count them.

Me: Sorry to repeat myself- but I want to make sure I understand what you are saying. You Won't Accept my Change? You will not deposit my coins?

Long Sleeve: Yea.... we could take your bills..... but the change you would have to take to another bank, or you could take to a coin star.

Me: Although I think this is odd... I won't be "one of those" and cause a scene. But before leaving I do want to be Very Clear that the concern I have with this issue is larger then me voicing myself at this branch. I believe it's important to share my concern with this form of banking (or lack of) with the larger entity of US Bank.

With that Me and my spoils exited stage right. Directly into my 'yetta where I promptly called my speed dial US Bank phone number. After about 10 minutes on the phone with Joe I felt somewhat assured that my legitimate complaint would be used for the better'ment of their banking process. - Yea right -

Cliff Notes:
This week a woman walked into a US Bank to deposit her money and was told they can't accept what is a nationally recognized form of currency. A form of currency that is used, requested, accepted and traded all over the United States. Is that legal?

Secondly (but not as dramatic) I was out to happy hour with some friends this week and our waiter forgot All Together that he has already taken our order. Upon arrival he greeted us, took our drink order, answered our food questions and then took our food order. When he brought our drinks he asked us if we wanted something to eat. We looked questionably at him and each other.... and told him we already ordered. He nodded his head and walked away. Two minutes later I flagged him down and said..... Do you remember that we already ordered our food with YOU. Nope- no recollection. That's a minor customer service concern- and mistakes happen.

What bothers me is that an institution that is required to function as a "bank" was/is allowed to fall short on the very basics of their descriptions because of lazy'ness. They could and should count coins. The fact that some branches have a mechanic counter and others don't is of no importance to me. They either do or don't have a tool that makes their job easier. However- their job remains the same. If I was to ask for $45 in coins. ($30 in quarters $10 in dimes and $4 in nickels and $1 in pennies) they would have to count and exchange said coins.

So to bring this all back to Mapel I would like to share what customer service expectations will Always be met by Mapel.
-Excellent and approachable customer service

-Proficient product knowledge

-Complete satisfaction

-FREE Shipping on all web orders or alterations

-FREE Exchange Shipping on any purchase

In the words of our customers (that are NOT related to me) see below Yelp organic reviews.

To be honest Mapel will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are Completely Satisfied with their experience with Mapel (regardless of if they buy something or not).

Mapel will also Always accept your coins as a form of currency (regardless of how much room I have in my cash drawer or how long it takes me to manually count your money.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Campus Must Haves

In a couple of days I will pack up my things and make the trek back to school in Bellingham. As I do every year, I have been pondering my absolute “Must Haves” for some time. Of course, the list could go on and on, but as a college student I have to narrow it down to the essentials.

          1.       The Ultimate Pair of Hudson Jeans 

Hudson’s button-flap pockets are a stylish twist on traditional denim…plus they make my derriere look so good (not to toot my own horn…but they do)! My favorite is the full length Elm Wash from Mapel (on the right). The petite style on the left are great with flats, as well.

2.       Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters...I can't get enough!

I'm loving the yarn dyed cardigan and sweater in Eggplant at Mapel.

      3.       Nautical-Inspired Tops

      Basically anything with stripes is a go. Ok…maybe not anything, but I am all about the stripes this fall. Nothing compliments an outfit like a great striped top or jacket. I like Mapel's Fonda Jacket & Dolman Striped Top, shown here.

      4.       Two Sisters Earrings

      My favorite earrings are these gold ones made by Two Sisters, which come in many different colors. The simplistic beauty of their pieces instantly adds to any outfit, even a simple tee.
      5.       Nars Illuminator
      Fall is about the time when I start to lose my hard-earned summer glow and this illuminator keeps my skin looking fresh.
      6.       My TOMS Shoes

      Not only are these shoes super comfortable, but they are also made with recycled/sustained materials and for every pair you buy, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. How awesome is that?

By Guest Blogger: Elsa

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mapel on the Catwalk

Photography provided by Amanda Scott Photography

Last week's Fall Definitive Event was a huge success by all accounts.  The buzz around town and online quickly spread, so Baroness Cellars was packed! Here are some highlights from the evening:

Last minute model touch-ups
Staci doesn't miss a detail
Lisa Bloom and Teddy Reike sharing laughs before the show
Bridget Shae showing off her bling!
Cooper is oh so cool on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yah, on the catwalk
Bridget's energy and confidence really started the show
Audrey Pulse on her way to give out her surprise gift bag to an eager audience member
Heidi Kuhn striking her best Tyra Banks pose!
The ever so lovely Amber West modeling an adorable new Fall jacket!
Model Haley Darlington working a edgy, yet classy black dress!
The beautiful Marni McMahon hits the catwalk wearing an adorable fall sweater and one of Mapel's new outerwear pieces!
The adorable Amber Snyder makes this steep catwalk look easy
Rachel Strand making her MC hubby oh so proud!
Teddy Reike is all smiles wearing a gorgeous teal jacket during her moment in the spotlight!
The models head back up the staircase after the grand finale!
Clint, the amazing MC of the night!
Krissy and Clint announcing the winners of the raffle!
The ones who made it all happen! Ladies from Shears, Mapel, and Baroness Cellars!
Cheers to a successful event!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Fashion in Full Function

Thursday the 2nd Mapel officially Kicks Off  the Fall Season with a Fall Fashion Show!!! Anyone and Everyone is invited.... Doors open @ 7 - it's FREE- and we'll be giving away TONS of GREAT swag bags, give aways, gift certificates, food and wine tasting.

Since Mapel is officially showcasing our Fall Fashions we had to think long and hard about what we consider the biggest Fall Trends to be. Below are some of our favorite trends Mapel will be representing this fall season. Some of these styles are so NEW they are not on our site yet- they will be posted later this month.
Trimmed to Impress:
Dress up your daily uniform with a look that’s polished and pulled together with subtle trimming along the edge.

Sweater Dressing:
This looks is easy to accomplish with a cozy, comfortable and casual sweater garment. For a forward fashion look pick a sweater silhouette that is elongated and pair with skinny jeans.

Fifities Flare:
Add a Swing of vintage to your step with a cropped jacket, swing skirt or cinch your waist with a belt.

Subtly Shearling:
Lend a wooly coziness to keep out the “brrrrr” & boring with shearling trim on the outside of your collar or inside of your coat.

Pop of Color:
Keep out the winter blues with a stark and impressive color to mix with your favorite blue jeans.