Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let Me Clear My Throat....

Through a series of ill customer service events this week I couldn't help but beam over how accommodating Mapel is. Yes- I'm bragging but I believe I have reason to boast.

This last weekend I "hosted" (and I use that word loosely) a Garage Sale. My parents are moving and I offered to help them via a G Sale- and it allowed me to rid myself of Boxes and Boxes of clothes, shoes and purses that I somehow accumulated while working at Nordstrom.
Upon completion of the G Sale I couldn't wait to deposit my spoils. I went into my US Bank just below my house to do my banking. When I got to the counter I started stacking my bills and my coins.

For the record my bills were counted and I had approximately 5 rolls of coins (3 quarter rolls of $10 each and 2 nickel rolls of $5 each). In addition to the rolls of change I has about... a small handful of loose change.
In the midst of me stacking my spoils on the counter the clerk started to mumble something to the guy behind her. I would assume that since the guy behind her was wearing a a long sleeve embroidered US Bank shirt he was her (short sleeve embroidered polo) superior. I heard them mumble mumble mumble. Then timidely the long sleeve told me they could not accept my change.

Me: What?

Long Sleeve: We don't have a change counter here so we can't take your change?

Me: What did you say? You can't take my change?

Long Sleeve: Well.... we could take some of it- but only the loose change and only as much as we can fit in her drawer.

Me: Just so I understand what you are saying.... You CAN NOT deposit my change?

Long Sleeve: Yea.... we don't have a change counter here- so we would have to actually un-roll your coins and count them.

Me: Sorry to repeat myself- but I want to make sure I understand what you are saying. You Won't Accept my Change? You will not deposit my coins?

Long Sleeve: Yea.... we could take your bills..... but the change you would have to take to another bank, or you could take to a coin star.

Me: Although I think this is odd... I won't be "one of those" and cause a scene. But before leaving I do want to be Very Clear that the concern I have with this issue is larger then me voicing myself at this branch. I believe it's important to share my concern with this form of banking (or lack of) with the larger entity of US Bank.

With that Me and my spoils exited stage right. Directly into my 'yetta where I promptly called my speed dial US Bank phone number. After about 10 minutes on the phone with Joe I felt somewhat assured that my legitimate complaint would be used for the better'ment of their banking process. - Yea right -

Cliff Notes:
This week a woman walked into a US Bank to deposit her money and was told they can't accept what is a nationally recognized form of currency. A form of currency that is used, requested, accepted and traded all over the United States. Is that legal?

Secondly (but not as dramatic) I was out to happy hour with some friends this week and our waiter forgot All Together that he has already taken our order. Upon arrival he greeted us, took our drink order, answered our food questions and then took our food order. When he brought our drinks he asked us if we wanted something to eat. We looked questionably at him and each other.... and told him we already ordered. He nodded his head and walked away. Two minutes later I flagged him down and said..... Do you remember that we already ordered our food with YOU. Nope- no recollection. That's a minor customer service concern- and mistakes happen.

What bothers me is that an institution that is required to function as a "bank" was/is allowed to fall short on the very basics of their descriptions because of lazy'ness. They could and should count coins. The fact that some branches have a mechanic counter and others don't is of no importance to me. They either do or don't have a tool that makes their job easier. However- their job remains the same. If I was to ask for $45 in coins. ($30 in quarters $10 in dimes and $4 in nickels and $1 in pennies) they would have to count and exchange said coins.

So to bring this all back to Mapel I would like to share what customer service expectations will Always be met by Mapel.
-Excellent and approachable customer service

-Proficient product knowledge

-Complete satisfaction

-FREE Shipping on all web orders or alterations

-FREE Exchange Shipping on any purchase

In the words of our customers (that are NOT related to me) see below Yelp organic reviews.

To be honest Mapel will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are Completely Satisfied with their experience with Mapel (regardless of if they buy something or not).

Mapel will also Always accept your coins as a form of currency (regardless of how much room I have in my cash drawer or how long it takes me to manually count your money.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame how they treated your needs. I agree: money is money and a job is a job. Also, it's not like you brough in a 5 gal. water jug full of mixed change.
I'm glad to know Maple will take change---I've been know to pay for tanks of gas in change!

The real question: will you be switching banks?

walterbayliss said...

Great post.
I admire people that take that extra step towards good content.
Walt Bayliss
Founder and CEO