Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mapel on the Catwalk

Photography provided by Amanda Scott Photography

Last week's Fall Definitive Event was a huge success by all accounts.  The buzz around town and online quickly spread, so Baroness Cellars was packed! Here are some highlights from the evening:

Last minute model touch-ups
Staci doesn't miss a detail
Lisa Bloom and Teddy Reike sharing laughs before the show
Bridget Shae showing off her bling!
Cooper is oh so cool on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yah, on the catwalk
Bridget's energy and confidence really started the show
Audrey Pulse on her way to give out her surprise gift bag to an eager audience member
Heidi Kuhn striking her best Tyra Banks pose!
The ever so lovely Amber West modeling an adorable new Fall jacket!
Model Haley Darlington working a edgy, yet classy black dress!
The beautiful Marni McMahon hits the catwalk wearing an adorable fall sweater and one of Mapel's new outerwear pieces!
The adorable Amber Snyder makes this steep catwalk look easy
Rachel Strand making her MC hubby oh so proud!
Teddy Reike is all smiles wearing a gorgeous teal jacket during her moment in the spotlight!
The models head back up the staircase after the grand finale!
Clint, the amazing MC of the night!
Krissy and Clint announcing the winners of the raffle!
The ones who made it all happen! Ladies from Shears, Mapel, and Baroness Cellars!
Cheers to a successful event!

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