Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Once again, it is a winter wonderland in Leavenworth! The #1 Christmas town in America is def' living up to all the hype this year with plenty of snow, lights, and festivities! This is Mapel's 4th Christmas in Leavenworth and this year there are more visitors than ever before, which we of course LOVE. 

 I wish I had pictures of the actual Christmas festivities to show off, but I'm always in the shop during the tree lighting weekends! So all I have are these pictures from my house and Sleeping Lady Reosrt. (our favorite breakfast spot).  As you can see, Cora is quite interested in the snow and all it has to offer her.  She's already learned how to throw snowballs and enjoys eating "snow cones". 

Wish I had time to write more, but I'm busy gearing up for another crazy busy tree lighting weekend.  This is just my little "teaser" blog to say - come visit Mapel in Leavenworth this holiday season - it's magical!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Full House, Full Glasses & Full Shopping Bags!!!

Last night was a full house at our Grand Opening Par'Tay for the Bridgeport location. Full house, full glasses and full shopping bags (all very good things). The hours leading up to the event were a bit.... stressful. I had to once again tap into my favor bank to get it all done in time- but somehow we got there.

I put Everyone to work. If you arrived early or on time you had a job to do- and do it Fast. It was either folding gift boxes, tie bows around the hangers, washing the fruit, folding garments or sweeping the floors.
However the party went off without a hitch and I "think" everyone had a great time.

Below are a few pics from the evening. Thanks to everyone that stopped in and celebrated with us. We're looking forward to a fabulous holiday season and new year to come!!!

As a shopping incentive we adorned each hanger with a ribbon. If it was a red ribbon you got $5 off, if it was a green ribbon = $10 off and candy cane ribbon = $20 off. PLUS everyone got a gift with purchase!!!!

Once again I put Katie to work the moment she arrived.

I also put her two little girls to work- I have no shame!!!

Our Sweet'est, Cute'est and Most'est Adorable customer!!!
Shopping bag Full of Great Finds!!!

Thanks to miss Ashlie for workin' it Lobster Style!!!

More friends.... "lingering" by the wine!!!

Even my friends from the big city traveled into the 'burbs for the night

Full House!!!

Candid of my "hustle" moves.

More friends "lingering" by the wine.

Thanks to Everyone that came out or sent us best wishes. Staci & Brandon

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favor Bank Overdraft

In approx a week's time we somehow managed to get Mapel Boutique "up and running". We may not have all of our artwork up on the walls and some of our vendors didn't follow through with their commitment to "deliver" product in time.... but none the less we opened our doors on Crazy A__ Black Friday. It was a soft, smooth and exciting opening.

We were still adhering stickers onto our shopping bags as our first customer Lois Klune rang our register with her purchases. That first weekend was an exciting mix of new customers and old friends showing their support.

It was within that week's time we "set up shop" that I rapidly depleted my favor bank... and am now in serious overdraft status. Brandon and I owe about a thousand favors to our friends and family. While Brandon and I have strengths in some areas- there are Many Others we simply don't have an aptitude for.

I Never could of spiffed up my store fixtures without the help of Big Headed Eric.

 I Never could of painted Every Little Crevice of this space without the help of my sweet mother in law to be.

I Never could of created such strong branding without the help of Andy's exterior facing decals.

I Never could of had the spirit and endurance to tag one Zillion new garments, scarves, earrings, cards, gloves, hats, purses (the list goes on and on) AND decorate my pathetic Christmas Trees without the help of Ashlie.

I Never could of created a professional surround sound atmosphere, assembled the dressing room mirrors and doors or anything else that involved a drill without Eric.

I Never could of had the endurance or patience to paint the monstrosity of a table without Katie.

And just so you don't think I was sitting back and sipping wine with my finger pointed....

So in close... Thanks to Everyone that lent a much needed hand. I will slowly diligently to lower my overdraft favor bank. Thanks Thanks Thanks.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boutique Proud

Moment of silence as the drumroll commences.......

Your favorite happy hour lovin' and chocolate eatin' boutique is expanding south to Oregon. Mapel in Leavenworth is bursting at the seams and giving way to a 2nd store at Bridgeport Village in Tigard Oregon. Not to be redundant- but just to clarify- Mapel is opening a 2nd store called Mapel Boutique- and we are So Excited (stressed... but ExCiTeD).

We're opening the Day After Thanksgiving. Located @ 7453 Bridgeport Road Tigard Or 97224. We're across from the parking structure and storables.

We will now entice you to visit our 2nd location by sharing the new collections we're adding onto our assortment @ the Bridgeport store.

You can look forward to:
 Charlotte Tarantola, Beautiful, Elegant and extremely special & interesting Cardigans. Love.
Suzi Chin by Maggy Boutique, New York Designer offering designer dress' at comfortable prices
Retro Brand, Let the college rivalry begin with this retro inspired collegian tee collection - Go Beavs!!!
Michael Stars, Who Doesn't Love Sparkly Knits, Yummy Cashmere Sweaters & ultra luxe Layering
Threads 4 Thought, All Eco Friendly Organic knits for men & women

For the last few weeks we've been busy running around like Chickens with our Heads Cut Off.

So, although we are Boutique Proud; we don't have alot of time to blab on and on about our new store.

Instead we need to be painting, steaming, tagging, decorating and stressing. Below are a few pics of the storm before the calm.

These are some pics of the space prior to move in, painting and softening up the aesthetic

Brandon's dining room has temporarily been Mapel's dumping ground until we got keys to the new space

That's all the pics you get... the rest you can see for yourself when you come visit us this holiday shopping season.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MANDI! Mapel Employee by Day, Designer by Night!!

I never thought I'd own a jewelry design business.  I'd always been a singer and actor, so design had never figured into my life.  I liked fashion: Vogue Magazine, red carpets at awards shows, dressing how I felt like dressing.   After I got married about 10 years ago, I happened upon a job at a bead store and picked up some skills.  I liked color.  I liked composition.  And I made some gifts for friends and family.

One family friend really liked my stuff.  She was funky, fun, and statuesque, and I did some custom pieces for her.  She insisted I get my license and get my stuff in stores because other people liked it, too.  So another family friend helped me start my business.  At this point, I was going through a divorce and it was very empowering to have people like what I was doing and want me to succeed.

I came up with my business name one day working at a natural fibers clothing store, and luckily, nobody else in the state had it.  "Earth, Wind & Wire" was perfect for my designs:  "Earth" for the earthy, African influenced stuff, "Wind" for the more delicate and ethereal pieces, and "Wire" for all the wire I loop and wrap; hours of sitting on the couch beading, looping, cutting and shooting wire everywhere!  Gives me something to do while I watch my crime shows:)

I keep my designs simple and go with my gut.  It's exciting to say, "I need earrings for that outfit," and be able to make them.  This semi-instant-gratification is addictive!  I love to see the potential in a bead that looks boring or tacky, then incorporate it into a piece that gets compliments.  I think all women are beautiful, and if putting on a special necklace makes them feel more gorgeous, more power to us! 

We all need a little retail therapy, and bead shopping usually fills my need to impulse buy.  It takes money to make money, right?  And working at Mapel definitely inspires me to buy...

I have had my business since 2004 and have been profitable every year - either through doing jewelry shows at people's houses, outdoor festivals, or selling wholesale in stores.  But it's time to grow!  I am working with a local web designer to get a porfolio going online, and soon will have an Etsy storefront.  Jewelry has always been a means to an end to me: something I enjoy that fuels my other passions.  So, a lot of my sales will go toward a very cathartic album I've been working on for 10 years. 

So, do what you like, like what you do.  Make work fun if you can, and never let anyone squelch your passions!           -   Mandi Wickline

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mapel's 3 Year Anniversary SALE Event

Three Year Ago we opened Mapel Boutique in Leavenworth. It's been a long uphill course for Jenelle and I- and we've loved every minute of it. In hindsight we laugh about the moment when industry professionals refer to us directly as "those little girls with a dress shop", or when outside associates (in this case our landlord) bullies us unsuccessfully to re-defining our lease to suite his ever changing needs.

So instead of putting on some weight, wearing high heels and maturing into "women", Jenelle and I have stayed the course as "little girls with a dress shop" and laughed all the way to the bank. OK- we've not yet officially gotten "to the bank" but it's in sight and we feel accomplished, tenured and successful after 3 years.

We are celebrating our accomplishments with an Anniversary SALE Event. Now through October 31st Mapel is offering $33 off All Denim Styles. This includes full price, sale, online specials- the whole assortment is up for grabs during Mapel's Anniversary Sale Event. Those that Shop Early receive the BEST size selection.

Secondly- Mapel is giving away $20 Gift Certificates for Outerwear to Everyone that posts the below tag via FaceBook:

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Event @ Shop Mapel - $33 off ALL DENIM now through October 31st - Check It Out!!! Everyone that TAGS @ShopMapel with this status will receive a $20 Mapel Gift Certificate towards Outerwear.
Below are a few of our selections during our Anniversary SALE Event.
Pair your Winter Boots with a Skinny Leg Jean:

Joes Jeans
Chelsea Ultra Slim $135
(normally $168)

7 For All Mankind
Gwenevere Skinny $139
(normally $172)

7 For All Mankind
(normally 149.00)

For Mapel's Sweet and Petite Customer we offer an extensive assortment of Shorter Inseam Jeans:

Citizens of Humanity
(normally $172)

Hudson Jeans
(normally $176)

Paige Jeans
(normally $178)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $152)

Mapel also has slightly higher waist jeans- to ensure comfort and no droopy drawers when you sit down:

Citizens of Humanity
(normally $156)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $168)

7 For All Mankind
(normally $158)

Last but Not Least is the newest addition to our assortment- and one of our best sellers:

Hudson Jeans
(normally $176)

Remember: Shop Early for best Selection
Mapel Always offers FREE Shipping and FREE Exchanges
For further details please see our FAQ's page
For questions please send us an email @

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oktoberfest '10 Highlights



We began the weekend by making sure we had everything on our Oktoberfest checklist....Lederhosen - check! Dirndl - check! Crazy bavarian hats - check! Big stein of beer - check! The 2nd weekend of O'fest was just as fun as the first - especially because my two best'ies  -Jackie and Jaime - came to L to help out at Mapel and enjoy the festivities!
 My famous aunt Heidi Kuhn (aka Heidi Klum) also had her best-ies with her this weekend - those girls looked adorable in their "rock out with your brat out" Mapel tees and cute fall hats (also from Mapel...)

 We tent-hopped throughout the evening to enjoy all the different genres of music and activities Oktoberfest had to offer. 

Dinner at South was a MUST following a fun yet exhausting day at the shop!
And it wouldn't be Oktoberfest in my house without Elmo doing the chicken dance with Cora several hundred times per day.