Thursday, December 9, 2010

Full House, Full Glasses & Full Shopping Bags!!!

Last night was a full house at our Grand Opening Par'Tay for the Bridgeport location. Full house, full glasses and full shopping bags (all very good things). The hours leading up to the event were a bit.... stressful. I had to once again tap into my favor bank to get it all done in time- but somehow we got there.

I put Everyone to work. If you arrived early or on time you had a job to do- and do it Fast. It was either folding gift boxes, tie bows around the hangers, washing the fruit, folding garments or sweeping the floors.
However the party went off without a hitch and I "think" everyone had a great time.

Below are a few pics from the evening. Thanks to everyone that stopped in and celebrated with us. We're looking forward to a fabulous holiday season and new year to come!!!

As a shopping incentive we adorned each hanger with a ribbon. If it was a red ribbon you got $5 off, if it was a green ribbon = $10 off and candy cane ribbon = $20 off. PLUS everyone got a gift with purchase!!!!

Once again I put Katie to work the moment she arrived.

I also put her two little girls to work- I have no shame!!!

Our Sweet'est, Cute'est and Most'est Adorable customer!!!
Shopping bag Full of Great Finds!!!

Thanks to miss Ashlie for workin' it Lobster Style!!!

More friends.... "lingering" by the wine!!!

Even my friends from the big city traveled into the 'burbs for the night

Full House!!!

Candid of my "hustle" moves.

More friends "lingering" by the wine.

Thanks to Everyone that came out or sent us best wishes. Staci & Brandon

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