Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am Soooooo Thirsty

by: Penny Gowen

“I am SOOOO thirsty!” exclaimed Staci as we waited for some refreshing cocktails on the hot July night. But I jumped the gun and should start the story at it’s beginning. Though that is not easy to pinpoint either, as you could consider the beginning a year and a half ago when Staci and Jenelle first opened Mapel or when the idea of taking a vacay in Leavenworth first struck our fancy or the actual beginning of this particular trip. Let’s go with that and picture three girls packing up a Jeep in the parking lot of an Applebee’s. Somehow that just sets the scene perfectly.

Carrie, myself and Alyson all work with Staci in her non Mapel life, the one she confessed not too long ago, the one about volunteering for her sorority. Yup, that’s us, the infamous sorority sisters. So you know we were going to kick it up a little and maybe stir in a bit of trouble for good measure.

Alyson and I had never been to Mapel. I’ve enjoyed a couple of road shows and vicarious shopping through their website, (which I highly recommend cause you still get those delicious little Mapel signature chocolates in your package) but never the actual store. And as a self proclaimed Mapel fan, that is a bit shocking. So anyone who has had the pleasure of going to the store can easily imagine my teenage like glee at finally getting to go shopping AT Mapel!!

The night before the shopping frenzy, we went to a local restaurant that Staci really likes. The food was great, but the wait for the table a little long and the wait at the bar even longer. One thing I did learn that night is that one should never get in the way of Staci and a cold drink. As we waited to get noticed by the bartender, you know the drill, first the nod, then the smile then when all that seems futile the hair flip, well none of that worked so here is where we pick our story. “I am SOOOO thirsty!” exclaimed Staci in an effort to finally draw the attention of the bar tender. And I must say her method did work for no sooner did she finish her sentence, our drink orders were taken. Score one for honesty.

Okay, I know you are thinking get to the part about the shopping. So here it is. The next morning Staci was wondering what we wanted to do on our first official day in Leavenworth and the unanimous decision was shop at Mapel. Of course, Staci thought we were kidding… but we weren’t. We all followed Staci and peppered her with questions of what was new, what was the “in” thing, do you have anything in pink (okay, so that was my question). The four of us entered the store and instantly us three girls busily made our way through colorful displays of the latest summer fashions. You are dying to find out what I got, aren’t you. Well, I’ll tell ya…later. (To be continued)

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