Friday, August 14, 2009

One is a much deeper shade of pink than the other....

So we pick up from last week’s cliffhanger of all us girls and our invasion of Mapel. It was a very successful spree, if I do say so myself. I ended up with some super cute tops from Kersh. The fabric is so soft and light, it is just perfect for summer. The summer cardi is an absolute must and is great over your favorite cami and jeans and tucks neatly into your bag to carry with you when you get a little chill in the evening.

One of the highlights of our shopping adventure was having Staci do some professional styling for each of us. Alsyon learned the intricate details of how to do the signature Staci scarf wrap. It is not as easy as it seems. We all see Staci look so effortless in her scarves with her signature twist, but there are a few tricky little steps that one must make to achieve the same look.

What were my style tips? Well, I will confess that my wardrobe consists of various shades of pink. It’s my comfort color; it’s what I gravitate towards given any shopping situation. If it’s pink, it must belong somewhere in my wardrobe. Thus my spree included two pink tops, which are fabulous and to quote from one of my fave movies, “one is a much deeper shade of pink than the other” (any guesses on what the movie is) which makes it alright, right? So my style tip was to expand my color spectrum. And I took that advice to heart and bought something gray, which goes really well with pink!

What do girls do after a hard day of shopping and trying on beautiful clothes? Eat of course! Shopping can be quite a workout. There’s a lot of walking around, all the aerobics that go in to taking stuff off, putting stuff on, tightening of the stomach muscles to squeeze in and out of those skinny jeans and upper arm building with the constant push and pull of clothes on the racks. So you need a little pick me up after all that exercise and let’s not forget all the celebrating and congratulating each other on how cute the items we bought are. Isn’t it funny how women like to celebrate shopping purchases as though we were Columbus discovering new land?

We ended up at one of the more Bavarian styled restaurants that night, with Bavarian style seating. That just means some stranger can sit at the table you are at and you can’t feel weird about it. They did have great pretzels and the brats were good but definitely the pretzels were worth it. As you can imagine, we were just looking for a fun girls night out, our last night together. Picture our surprise when a guy out of nowhere recognized Carrie and somehow that was an instant invitation to sitting with us.

They were interesting in a way. Being the good sorority sisters that we are, Staci and I made excuses to leave, we did need more pretzels. While standing in line for said pretzels, one of the guys from our table was standing by me (we’ll call him George). He said he was waiting for some other friends. Okay, I think to myself, that’s fine. The line hardly moved, which always seems to happen in these situations, and finally the friend showed up. I was really glad cause was tired of making small talk. So the friend comes over and starts giving George a huge Cheshire cat grin and looks over at me.

I look behind me cause he can’t mean me can he? He did, he did mean me. He thought George had picked me up that night. Oh the humanity! How do I get out of this one? George being the uber guy(like how I threw a little German) just stood there and let his pal think whatever he wanted. So how does one get out of a sticky wicket of a spot like that? I pretended to look for money in my purse and made my cell phone ring. Yup, the universal sign of “I have to take this” was promptly enacted and I moved away never to return. Did I get the pretzel, you better believe I did, didn’t want to have gone through all of that for not.

See all the adventures you can have in Leavenworth. You’re getting in your car right now, heading over and contemplating what kind of shenanigans you will find yourself getting into.

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