Thursday, August 20, 2009

Culture Club

Every day I spend approximately 20-30 mins perusing other blogs, NW Source and Womens Wear Daily. Where else am I going to keep up on current events? This week I was super intrigued by an article Alison Brownrigg wrote in NW Source about Boutique Culture. Admittedly I spent more than my allotted 20-30mins researching further the background and current "happenings" of Boutique Culture.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they host boutique warehouse sales alongside martini's and other pleasantries. Without haste I quickly emailed them to introduce Mapel and ask if we can be considered to participate in their December event, while noting that I was certain it was too late to register for next weekends event.

Uh uH..... It was not too late to get in on next weekends par'tay. Yes. Jenelle and I spent the last half of that evening strategizing how we can juggle BOTH our in store Back to Fall event (it's a Leavenworth thing) and that weekends Boutique Warehouse Sale.

Voila'. We are in and super excited to work with premier Seattle boutiques, astoundingly talented independant designers and the Boutique Culture team.

Join us Next Weekend, August 29th & 30th @ Fremont Studios for some Bargain Basement Discounts (40%-80%) with a Boutique Culture Environment.
P.S....... Admission is FREE & there will be give aways and other promo items.

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JDwedding09 said...

Yay, how exciting, I will be there!