Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here's Lookin' @ Fall

Phew..... We survived- but just barely. We had a crazy, busy, mad, hectic week last week with our Leavenworth Back to Fall event on Thursday and Boutique Culture Warehouse Sale in Seattle on Saturday & Sunday.
Both events were huge success' (if we can say so ourselves) and we are just now recovering from our hectic August month. We want to send off a very special THANKS to Jillian and Nicole for spending their weekends with Mapel workin' it retail style. You two are lifers- and we love you for it. Thanks.
Now onto fall- one of our very favorit'ist months. We love fall dressing- it seems like everyone has a little more intention with how they appear.

If you didn't already know- we are offering our spring/summer SALE 50%-80% off & just added some fabulous fall fashions.
Below are a few pics from last weeks events.

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