Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mapel Introduces.......

Mapel wants to introduce our newest local designer - Crystalyn Kae. She is a sweet Seattle based handbag designer that creates functional, unique and durable products.  How did I hear about Crystalyn Kae? Through my good friend Brooke - of course.

Brookie makes it a point to not only wear Mapel- but to directly contribute to our product assortment via her strong and determined voice. Shortly after she found out (and was gifted) a Crystalyn Kae treatie she "conveniently" placed a large stack of her business cards on my coffee table. The rest if history.

How did Brookie hear about Crystalyn Kae? I'll let her tell you herself:
It was at a charity auction last December when I was first introduced to Crystalyn Kae. My husband and I were putting on the charity auction and had intimate knowledge of all the items being donated and auctioned. While there were plenty of great items, there were also several very “interesting” items….that were a challenge to merchandise in an enticing way, as to attract fellow auction goers.

That said - it was a wonderful surprise when my husband came in with a box overflowing with lovely little bundles and straps of camel, green and ivory colored leather. I of course immediately recognized them as handbags and they immediately got the front row seat at auction table #1 (right next to the wine gift basket and Mapel gift package).

I of course tried them all “on” and fell for the camel one with the ivory fabric insert…however, putting on the auction, gave me no opportunity to actually bid on any of the items. Sad. Throughout the auction, as I poured wine for people (more wine, more buying, right?), I watched as people hovered over auction table #1. They picked up the clutches, unzipped them, put their cellphone and lip sticks in for sizing and of course wrote down bids every time. By the end of the auction, I had released the idea of having my new camel clutch join me for the walk home. There would be no memories of pairing it with new boots, stuffing it full of Velana K lipgloss, or showing it off to my new friends.

But wait!!! As I was gathering up the auction bid sheets, I saw my last name as the winning bidder of a particular camel clutch. Either someone else at the auction shared my last name, or I had the best husband ever. Of course, it was the latter and I got my Crystalyn Kae! I Love the clutch and use it all the time….perfect wrist strap, great detailing, timeless style. Oh, and generous local designer who donates to charity auctions does not hurt either.

You can find all of Mapel's Crystalyn Kae handbags on our website.

Drawstring Soiree Bag $218

Troubadour Tote $182

Metier Square Shopper $156

Charleston Topstitch Hobo $142

Soiree Drawstring Bag $218

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