Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mapel Emphatically Announces Orange Box Jewelry

Earlier this summer I had an adorable, petite yoga instructor of a customer in the store. She was up from Seattle showing her parents (from Nebraska) around the northwest area. I won't divulge too much info about this customer- but she fell in heart with our assortment of "petite" jeans and I in-turn found a Fabulous new jewelry designer. She was wearing the cutest most unique earrings I've ever seen.

She bought them at the Fremont Market from a woman that has a collection called Orange Box Jewelry. It took me all of .05 seconds to google OBJ, email her and set up a time to talk over the phone about working together. A few days later we had our first shipment of Orange Box Jewelry. Upon receipt my mouth dropped. Her collection is AmAzInG. Amazing.

Each piece is compiled of vintage, 2nd hand bits and pieces that she pairs with new necklace chains, earring backs and ring circumferences. Essentially the "bling" is second hand and the hardware is first hand. Each pieces tells a story and lends it's own personality to your look.

She strongly believes in recycled goods. So much so that all of her packaging and business cards are recycled goods. Fabulous!!!! Even better- the prices are Brilliantly affordable. All Rings are $22, All Earrings are $24, and All Necklaces are $32. Great prices for One of a Kind Jewelry.

So if all of the above hasn't sold you on OBJ let me share some eye candy.

We've compiled a few OBJ "looks".

Tap into your Inner Renaissance with these "Queen Elizabeth" inspired pieces

Make a Statement with these Buzz Worthy pieces

Let your Jewelry do the Talkin with these Unique pieces

Girls are full of "Everything Nice" with these Sweetly Feminine pieces

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