Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Attire

It's that time of year again....BOO! Now that O'fest is over, I have a little (and boy do I mean "little") time to think about the next big event - Halloween! One of my favorite Halloween traditions is visiting the pumpkin patch.  This year, I have my own little pumpkin to bring with me. 

The BIG question before visting the pumpkin patch is what do I wear? (Not really - no one cares what you wear to a pumpkin patch, but since this is Mapel's blog, I like to tie in some fashion, so just humor me)  I spent hours and hours trying different outfits on baby Cora and me before finalizing our pumpkin patch "look".  (again, just humor me and know that I am using extreme exaggeration for the sake of this blog). 

A cute and cozy coat is perfect pumpkin patch attire.  Since I am ALWAYS freezing, I chose my favorite hooded wubby jacket from....oh, what's the name of that place? it's right on the tip of my tongue....hmmmm......oh, yes - MAPEL.  Since I am loving anything plaid this season, I chose to wear this reversible jacket with the warm wubby material on the inside and the bright plaid on the outside. 

I chose a bright orange hat with a flower for Cora, so that A. the public would know it's a GIRL and B. so that she would perfectly match the surrounding pumpkins.  (note - matchy-matchy is okay for babies)

It's cold, so baby Uggs are a MUST.  Cora is sporting hers with giraffe print leggings peeping out - there's no such thing as an "over-stylized" baby.  (okay, maybe there is)

Of coarse our family trip to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without our dog, Wrigley.  The dog doesn't necessarily need to be stylie, but I wanted him to make sure he looked adorable too, so I let him borrown one of Cora's bibs - go bears!

My final tip for pumpkin patch attire is for the dude.  NO, most of them will not let you dress them in anything with pumpkins or color-coordinated shades of orange.  So you have to get a little creative and find something in their closet that they already love that will go with your family's "look".  I chose my husband's Chicago Bears jersey since their colors blue and orange.  Luckily it was Sunday (football day in case you weren't aware), so I didn't even have to ask - he picked it out himself.  (or so he "thinks")

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