Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is it in the Skirt???

by: Jillian Dodge

Fashion has always fascinated me. What you are wearing is the worlds first glimpse into who you are and the only visual thing about you that you can control, unless of course you are rich enough for plastic surgery and if you are into that sort of thing (no judgement here!).
So why do people wear what they wear? Well the easy answer is because they like it, it fits their style. But really there are so many things that affect what we wear. Age, body type, career just to name a few.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately because recently I've gone through not one, not two, but three different, what I like to call, "fashion stages" of my life.

Today I'll talk about #1: I got married and I'm turning 25.

Jarret and I on our wedding day

Now getting married doesn't necessarily mean go get a new wardrobe but it has changed the way I dress. When going out with girlfriends I still dress to impress but I do cover up a little more then I use to. I'm not trying to attract guys like I did in college. I'm also meeting my husbands coworkers who I want to make a good impression on and a jean skirt is just not going to cut it anymore. On a side note, when Jenelle visited me my senior year of college she said she felt left out because she was the only girl at WSU who wasn't wearing a jean skirt! Haha its true, we really liked/like (I can still wear it to the beach right?!) our jean skirts!

Me and my girlfriends our Senior year of college, I heart my jean skirt

This fashion stage is basically me growing up. I no longer want to shop in the B.P. department, I'm upgrading to T.B.D. I find myself caring about my day to day outfits a lot more then I did in college, where I could get away with a hooded sweatshirt Monday-Friday. Thankfully there are stores like Mapel that I can find more grownup looks without feeling old. This stage has done wonderful things for me and really brought out what my true style is.

A few of my girlfriends and I this summer. I'm wearing an LA made top and you can't see them in the photo but I was wearing my favorite pair of Cropped Dojos, definitly an upgrade from the jean skirt!

Have you gone through any fashion stages lately? Leave me a comment.....

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