Wednesday, October 14, 2009

786 Peas in a Pod

by: Staci Stevens

Statistically (according to the Bavarian Village Business Association- Oh YES- you read that correctly) the last two Leavenworth Oktoberfest weekends have been the busiest in years. I believe it. In store, walking around town and in the festhalle it just feels consumed and alive.

Everyone of every background and every interest is having a good time together and getting along like 786 peas in a pod (literally).
Highlight of last weekend would be when my mom and I waited in the keg line for what felt like a comfortable 10 minutes. Once we reached our final tapped keg destination my mom kindly requested a "taste" of each of their beers. She carefully savored each of their offerings before kindly explaining she didn't like any of their beers and walked away.
With two down and one to go I can't wait to celebrate the last weekend of O'fest '09 with some of my best friends from Seattle and Portland. Looking forward to "Rocking Out with my Brat Out" one last time.

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