Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glazed Doughnut Hamburger & Receding Hairlines

"To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable."     Oscar Wilde

Today I celebrate my 31st birthday. By "celebrate" I mean composing this week's Happy Hour Menu, designing Mapel's email blast, stirring up something funny for this week's blog and PuShInG out holiday orders.  There is no doubt you are married to your work when you spend a lovely birthday afternoon just the two of you. Unfortunately work is a cheap date and yet has the means to buy me a glass of bubbly for my birthday. One day.......

In all fairness I'm Birthday Spoiled this year. Last Friday Brandon and I hosted a dual Birthday and House Warming party. Some of my absolute Fav'sies from Seattle drove up to Portland for the occasion. We also had good friends from high school, college and close family show up for the occasion (we boasted lots of candy in advance- so you can only imagine the crowd that showed).

We had a fabulous party and afterwards I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling about my life in Portland. We were also showered with wine. Against my gentle note of "No Gifts Please" we received numerous bottles of wine and a jug of the finest cranberry juice. If you don't already know.... Brandon leaves the wine drinking to me and he has acquired quite a palatte for cranberry juice.

The next day we packed up ALL of our Orange and Black gear and headed to Corvallis for the OSU homecoming game.

 I know what you're thinking..... I know... "What's so great about football?" and I would ask the same thing- except that I was with great friends and had an orange tumbler of bubbly in one hand. It also helped ease the football pain when I received an early birthday present from Brandon- a perfectly OSU orange arm candy from Cole Haan (seconly only to Mapel handbags).

Leading up to today I battled a terrible case of Piglet. It's a lesser version of Swine and often goes by the name of "common cold". I barely recovered from Piglet before my birthday date with Brandon last night. He is a crazy - concert going - music obsessed - dude. I feel bad cause 5th row front and center Dave Matthews tickets at the Gorge seem like a waste on me. I like Dave... but if you had seen the crowd we were sitting with.... It's a culture unlike any other... well any other that I've seen.

So the point is... I'm not obsessed with music like he is. I do however wuv'les a small handful of musicians. These musicians are on constant repeat at Mapel and have possibly been mentioned before in a few of our blogs (Jack Johnson). Brandon got us amazing seats to last nights David Gray concert at Portland's Arlene Schnitzer Hall. I was beyond excited. I love David Gray (always have) and could not wait.

For dinner he suggested a new restaurant called Original downtown Portland. Oddly there was nothing Original about this place. We dined on Glazed Doughnut Hamburger (you read that correctly), Pigs in a Blanket with Fondue and Chicken & Ham Fritters. It was funny, memorable and perfect!!!!

After a few glass' of wine (whose counting) we headed to the concert. The opening band was Fabu' and might just be the star of Mapel's holiday playlist. David Gray was as wonderful as I hoped. Absolutely amazing in concert and honestly..... outside of the perfectly booming voice I think he's more of a poet than anything else. I did however have a few observations that got me thinking about the big 31.

 All of the band members had receiding hair lines. I've seen David in concernt before- and there's nothing wrong with receding hair lines, really- nothing, but it was interesting to think that instead of mosh pits and festival seating there was three piece suites, balcony seats and receding hair lines.

And that brings me back to now. Here I am on my actual Bday dreaming up a tasty happy hour menu (hopefully as tasty as Glazed Doughnut Hamburgers) for all of yous. What does the rest of today hold.... likely a glass of vino and some chocolate (immediately following the release of this blog).

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