Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nickels Worth

Don't you just love those unexpected  special occasions or moment that leave a lasting impression. Those nights that end up surprising you in a memorable way. I was fortunate enough to have just such a night this week. I had plans to meet a good friend for drinks and happy hour- but by the time we got out the door it was after 6 and thus no good happy's to be had.

We wandered her neighborhood (the distinctively hip Clinton area of Portland) and ended up at a very small and inviting restaurant, Bar Avignon.

We ordered a carafe, cheese plate to share and we both got the chicken dish. I know... boring chicken- but honestly after the way the waitress raved about it- we were too curious not to get the chicken. We were highly impressed with every bite- of everything we ordered.

So outside of the fabulous company, amazing food, and ultra quaint setting.... I left with a wonderful morsel of advice. In this case- a shiny Nickel's Worth of Advice.

You see, because I'm "going steady" I forget all of the $%^&*  #$%^ of dating. If you've been following this blog for awhile you'll note that ALL I used to blog about was the single life of dating and working in Seattle. As time has passed so have the humorous happenings of dating. My dear friend and dinner date shared with me a humorous yet amazingly clever story that immediately made me think "I must blog about this".

Women have an amazingly strong "instinct" about things. We don't always listen to that instinct- but it's there hovering inside of us. My friend could not let go of this resounding feeling that the guy she had been seeing was older than he told her. She asked about it a few times- almost joking and making light of it- but he kept to the original story. Her instinct continued to press on her - so like any amazingly fabulous woman she took matters into her own hands.

She had plans to meet him at a nearby pub. She showed up early,  ordered her drink at the bar, handed the bartender a $20 and said she would cover her drink and her dates drink. Before sitting down at a table she casually mentioned that he could keep the change after the two drinks were deducted - with one favor in mind. Would he mind asking her date for his ID and at a later time informing her of his birth year. He agreed.

When her date arrived she mentioned she had a tab running at the bar and he could order with the bartender. He got his drink and returned to the table. They stayed for a while and had a pleasant time (although curiousity was of course eating her alive). Once they were done she went up to the bar to get her receipt (along with the anticipated info). All the bartender said was "No way was I doing to ask that guy for his ID- he's way to old to even consider ID'ing... and way too old for you".

That was the last time she went out with that guy (possibly the last time she went into that bar too). So.... my shiny Nickels Worth of Advise is to listen to your instinct, take matters into your own hands and hopefully come up with an idea as brilliant as my friend.

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