Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Baby Cora Jean

Mapel proudly introduces our newest mascot Cora Jean. Scratch that, "mascot" probably doesn't sound affectionate enough. Re-write sentence to read:

Mapel proudly announces the birth of Sweet Baby Cora Jean.

Saturday the 16th of May '09 @ 9.30am Jenelle and Torrey Landgraf introduced a new fashion'ista into the world.

She is beautiful, healthy and immediately took to Rigley!!!

Mapel visited ground zero (501 Ski Hill Drive) to get a few words from the proud parents.

Cora is the most Cute, Outstanding, Real and Awesome thing that has ever happened to us. – Torrey Landgraf

The last 5 days have been the most challenging and exciting days of my life. – Jenelle Landgraf


Annie said...

Awww! Congrats to Jenelle and Torrey! She's so cute in her green stripes :)

Willow said...

She is gorgeous. Congratulations!

JDwedding09 said...

Torrey's going to be mad, its Wrigley (like Wrigley field in Chicago) hehe. Thanks for posting pictures of our amazing new little girl!

jenn said...

Congratulations Janelle and Torrey! Cora is beautiful :)