Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We came, We got lost, We asked directions, We found our way, We saw, We took pictures, We debated, We negotiated, We edited & We Conquered We're crossing our fingers!!!!

Late last night we returned to Seattle from our one week stint in LA. The trip was super successful. Equal to the level of success was the load of work, late hours and at times mass confusion. Our private label research unearthed answers and alot of hope for our own cute little Mapel apparel collection.

Jenelle and I took part of the weekend off to catch up with some friends and soak up some sunshine.

The 2nd half of the trip was reviewing current and potential new brand collections for spring & summer.

Artillery in hand (business cards, vendor info sheets, camera, Luna bars and pre-natal pills) we went into each meeting with an open to buy dollar amount and our trusty trend direction (see last week's blog entry).

Both Jenelle and I are super excited for our incoming orders.

We want to build our current brands that have strong performance and positive customer feedback. We are editing brands that are lacking and possibly not a good fit for Mapel. We are also adding some new brands that will lend a fresh aesthetic to Mapel and exemplify the boutique experience and individuality we want to focus on going forward.

Below are a few "teasers" for our dear blog readers. I hope you are as excited about our new goodies as we are!!! Cheers to a new year and strong product assortment.


JDwedding09 said...

ohhhhh can I preorder the 7 capris and the long white cardigan?! ;)

Willow said...

OMG....I am loving ALL of the designs. I am coming to the store in a few weeks to spend my money :)

I can't wait!!!