Saturday, January 3, 2009

Conceivable, Believable & Attainable

Lightning struck me last Saturday night when I was talking with Allison about New Year's Resolutions. Most of them are so cliché and almost annoying.
However- Allison shared her resolution from last year and I was immediately inspired. Not only
was it entirely attainable but totally valuable and almost novel. (are you super curious what it was......?)

Last Year Allison resolved to minimize and hopefully diminish the amount of to-go coffee paper cups she would use. She gathered a handful of washable coffee tumblers and kept them in her car. When a java urge arrived she grabbed one of her tumblers and immediately reduced her carbon footprint.
Super easy, specific to her lifestyle and has nothing to do with the gym. I love it!!!!!

This made me realize that New Years Resolutions don’t have to be annoying and cliché’. I sent off a quick email to a few friends and asked for their “Conceivable, Believable & Attainable" resolutions and was quite impressed with my findings.

Penny Gowen:
“So you know all of those gwp (gift with purchase) bags you get from Clinique, Lancome etc. I am going to keep some in my car and use them for grocery bags. That way I don't have to use the plastic bags from the store or buy tote bags and I am totally using something I already have that was otherwise sitting and collecting dust. You know we all have these somewhere in the back of the closet :)”

Brooke Prince:
“I forced myself to eat more (as well as use new and different) vegetables & fruit on a regular basis. I signed up for weekly organic veggie & fruit delivery service that also supports local farms, fair trade and all that. Now I can say I have eaten kale, mustard greens & ugli fruit.”

Jenelle Landgraf:
“This year I resolve to stop letting my mail pile up at home to the point I feel so overwhelmed I can't stay on top of sorting, filing, etc. I am headed to an office supply store to purchase a new filing system. Only this time I'm going to buy some fun/pretty file folders to make filing/sorting a bit more pleasant!”
Cleary O’Farrell
“Dave and I are going to resolve to do a 1-month diet (no meat, just fish), because of the obvious killing of animals/inhumane treatment thing. Hoping it will cut the cravings for animal products, get us (him) used to not eating so much meat & it's just healthier!”

Happy New Year!!!!

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