Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being Preggers is so In

by Jenelle Landgraf

Being preggers is so in....or at least that's what the cute greeting cards by Empty George say (yes - carried exclusively at Mapel - I never miss a chance to put a plug in for great product!).

It does seem like there is something in the water, though. So watch out - YOU may be next. For those who are expecting, and those drinking the water, I have a few insights to offer. Obviously everyone's experience is different so I can only speak to what is going on with me and my belly.

I am now 23 weeks along and it has been quite the all started in Italy in early Sept....wait, I think that's going back too far. Yep, you don't need those details (as good as they may be). Fast forward to early October when the tiredness and nausea set in for a good 5 weeks. I sort of expected that because my twin sister already had a baby and our bodies react pretty similar. The part I didn't expect was how weird it was to do "normal" things.
In Leavenworth, Oktoberfest is the "norm" the first 3 weekends in October. In previous years, I have enjoyed tromping around town with large groups of friends / crazy hat-wearing strangers, eating brats and drinking beer, and maybe even the chicken dance. This year, I still tried on funny hats and joined the group, but it's just not as fun when you're completely sober. The drunken breath of your friends make your stomach turn and that chicken dance just isn't as funny when you have complete control of your balance.

Moving into my 2nd trimester, the nausea subsided, my energy came back, and yet - things are still a little "off". Traveling to market in LA last week was particularly eye-opening in that there are few to none ladies "with child" walking around the fashion district. In fact, I don't think most people in that industry are used to seeing "my kind of people" in person because they all seemed to be wondering what was going on in my stomach region. One of my favorite vendor reps thought I might have a "swollen stomach" and others just sort of avoided looking at my bowl full of jelly.

I did have a funny encounter with a man on the street in LA who informed me that "it's going to hurt really bad. You should get an epidural. And I wouldn't recommend breast-feeding". Ummm - why is some random guy on the street talking to me about breast-feeding? Just because my big belly is in public view, some people think my body is suddenly an appropriate topic of conversation. Odd, I know, but it happened.

As strange as this experience is at times, I am enjoying it and finding ways to feel somewhat normal. For me, having jeans that fit amazing is normal (I know I am spoiled by Mapel's denim selection!). I tried borrowing some maternity jeans or using a belly band with my regular jeans, but just couldn't get the right fit. I finally decided it was necessary to fork over the cash and get a pair of Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans, which are AMAZING. I tried on lots of different brands/fits before choosing this one, and I highly recommend getting a pair if/when you have a bun in the oven. I don't have to constantly pull them up, yet they don't feel too tight. The fit is just perfect and I can tell that they will continue to fit as I grow. If you would like a pair, I do "know someone" who could special order them in your size. Even though Mapel does not "officially" carry maternity clothing, we have a fantastic rep at Citizens who will make it happen for you! (I started this blog with plugging product, so no I am ending it that way!).


JDwedding09 said...

You are the cutest prego lady ever!

empty george said...

Thanks for mentioning my cards! Guess what?!? I'm 23 weeks today with our first baby. So, yes, it obviously is the "in" thing to do.

I finally tried to go jeans shopping the other day and was disappointed to find that the maternity Sevens I tried on were just a tiny bit too low still (you could see my unders through the belly band). Eek! Maybe I'll be sending you an email about those Citizens. A girl needs to have the right jeans!

Good luck to you in your pregnancy! Aren't you glad the nausea if over?