Thursday, October 23, 2008

Top 8 O'fest Moments of '08

Jenelle and I barely (and I mean B.A.R.E.L.Y.) survived 3 consecutive weekends of Oktoberfest. We both managed to work in the store (with extended hours), host out of town friends & family and get our O'fest on. It was amazing, memorable, record setting & exhausting.

Before we start stringing holiday lights, hanging the mistletoe and ordering gift boxes for the busy holiday shopping season we wanted to re-cap a few of the most amazing (and blog appropriate) moments of O'fest, as quoted by our friends.

Top 8 O'fest Moments of '08

"Taking blue shots with Mom Stevens and Blondie." Sarah Blackmon
The blue shot was courtesy of Donovan (I think that guy might work at Ducks and Drakes), and it took place after watching the OSU kills WSU game while savoring some amazing cheeses from Cheesemongers and a few bottles of wine.

"Getting to interact with so many people due to our sticker mandate." Jason Motland
The word "mandate" should actually be replaced with Guerrilla Warfare, Jason is too modest.

"Meeting the St. Pauli girl." Torrey Landgraf
No joke- this gal is paid to put her hair in braids and walk around the bar taking pics with people. Hmmm.... I kinda wonder if she does other forms of "modeling"- just look at how she stares into the camera with those eyes......

"Having a total "Sex And The City" moment (or at least what I think might be a Sex And The City moment) followed by a Can - Can dance." Cleary O'Farrell

I did a little research and found this pic. I concur.

"Getting Jarred to dance to polka music with me (the only time I can ever get him to dance is at weddings for one song)!" Jillian Derpack
You better start working on your rug cutting skills Jarred- because Very soon you two will have to dance the first dance as Mr & Mrs and all eyes will be on you.

"Getting a pic with THE original member of the Edelweiss band." Alison Wroe
At first we thought he might of been the Mayor, but after a few steins we came to realize he is part of a traveling Bavarian band called Edelweiss and he Lives for O'fest. Our kinda guy.

"Violating the Oktoberfest Mural (!!!TORREY!!!!)." Tracy Mitchell
Look very closely at the head of that little Bavarian girl to the left. Hint- That's not an eye ball.

"Feeding Staci Cheetos while she passed out." Brooke Prince
I don't usually like Cheetos.... but I was hungry and Brooke has such good aim.

Thanks to all our friends, family and customers for their support and lively spirits during our favorite festival all year.

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JDwedding09 said...

Ewwww Torrey, the little girls face should not be your nipple!!!!