Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Unique Glimpse of Italy

By Jenelle Landgraf
Upon arriving in Italy, my husband declared that he spoke Italian. At first he just walked around saying "Ciao" and "Grazia". But then he bought a book called "I Speak Italian" and his language skills became more complicated.

So complicated, in fact, that he barely knew what he was saying. He would look up phrases, such as how to ask for directions, and begin his communication with the Italians. It would go really well until they started speaking back to him, in which he would reply "Mi dispiace, no parlate Italiano" and proceed to walk away. I don't know about you, but if someone walked up to me, asked how to get to the grocery store, in English, and when I replied with the directions, they said "Sorry, I don't speak English," and walked away, I would be kind of confused.

While Torrey was walking around confusing the people of Italy, I was focused on shopping. Oh, how I had dreamed of all the unique Italian boutiques. I would find brands and products that aren't easily accessible in the states, really unique European styles unlike anything I had come across before.

After quickly passing by the typical H&M, Esprit, and United Colours of Bennetton stores, I finally spotted an adorable boutique. I walked in and eyed a beautiful jacket, looked at the label - "Prada". Well, okay, that's fair - I mean this is Italy, so I should expect to see some Prada.

I'll switch my attention to shoes, where I'm sure to find styles unlike the typical ones in the states. And behold...

Melissa shoes and Havianas! What??? Don't get me wrong, I love these brands, but not only can I get them in the states, I see them everyday at Mapel.

Okay, time to take a break from shopping and check in on my Italian-speaking husband. Turns out he's been doing some shopping of his own. Rather than looking for unique shops, Torrey was more than delighted to find Italy's version of his FAVORITE store...
"Euro City". Yes, everything is just "uno euro".
After Torrey showed off his great euro store finds, I started thinking that maybe Italy does have more unique shopping to offer... I mean, where else can you buy a bottle opener, a bottle of wine, and a hand held wooden massager - all for just tre euro?


Willow said...

How fun! I totally want to go!


JDwedding09 said...

So Torrey!