Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last Saturday Mapel had her (is my store a her? she is now) one year anniversary. It was exactly a year ago we nestled into our temporary retail spot on a Leavenworth side street.
Our closest friends came into town to help "christen" the store. Actually- I remember more steins than flutes- but you get the idea.

It's hard to believe Jenelle and I survived one year of retail. It's even harder to believe Jenelle has been able to tolerate me for so long, although I keep reminding her that we are in a contractual binding relationship.

While driving back to Seattle from Leavenworth last weekend I reflected on a few life lessons I've learned after owning my own boutique for a year.

-Can't Trust Contractors
Apologies in advance if your dad, husband, brother or lover is a contractor. I'm simply stating the facts. I should of known from the moment I was directly & publicly addressed as a "girl with a dress shop" it wasn't going to be good. Actually the real indicator I can't trust contractors was the moment Jenelle and I signed a lease for our location on Front Street with occupancy by August '07, extending to no later than October, then guaranteed by mid November, absolutely no later than December, ending up with occupancy February '08. Damn contractors.

-Unexpected Is To Be Expected
Retail is a fickle and unruly beast. You can try to diagnose and analyze it- but it's quite unexpected.

-It's Not Personal- It's Business
I realized real quick that I wasn't in business to be someones godmother- I was in business to succeed. It's not about feelings or patronage. Nothing is personal- it's business. Sorry if I sound a little too "dog eat dog". I'm actually really sweet- just ask my mom.

Simply said: If you drive a VW Jetta in a climate that has 10 new inches of snow every day you must have triple A. Fortunately my mom bought me 2 memberships (she forgot she got me the first one).
-Loyal Friends Become Evident
When you initiate an endeavor like launching your own business you very quickly and at times quite abruptly learn who your real friends are. There were days I forgot what month it was, what I had for lunch, and my mom's birthday. You get so consumed with all the work and stress you barely have time to maintain sanity. Your real friends understand that and support your lunacy. Thanks!!!!
Before composing this blog I spent some time perusing the internet- doing a bit of research on one year anniversaries. I discovered that the traditional one year anniversary gift is Paper.
Possibly the kinda that has a green'ish tint- roughly 6" x 2.5" in dimension. Mapel is happy to exchange anniversary gifts for fashionable apparel.

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Willow said...

You guys are the greatest. I am so glad you stuck with this endeavor. And, I am grateful that I am your friend!!