Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Simple Misunderstanding

Last week I found myself in full fashion "multi tasking" mode. The first part of the week I was busy assembling outfits for the Out Of The Closet Fashion Show at the W Hotel in Seattle.

The later half of the week Jenelle
and I were meeting with Mapel's apparel vendors to choose product for our Holiday deliveries. I know what you are thinking.... and it's true..... I have a sexy job.
(Be reminded that I said "the job" is sexy- not me or the benefits.)

By the time Sunday rolled around I got a chance to catch my breath and reflect on the previous week. Amidst numerous conversations with multitudes of people I don't know or will ever talk to again- one conversation stays with me. It's likely this conversation will stay with me for a very very very long time. It was the sort of conversation that I have repeatedly told my friends at every Happy Hour or Dinner Party since then (It's Wednesday- so in theory I shared this story Monday and Tuesday night).
Here's the story:
I promptly arrived at the W at 5pm to prep and style my 10 male models. Unfortunately the garments did not arrive until nearly 6- leaving me plenty of time to check out the facility, claim my garment racks and chat with my male models. While discussing with one model the pros and cons of eating the day of a show (literally this happened) another male model walked up to join in on the conversation. After discussing the impact a sandwich can have on perfectly chiseled abs one of the models looked my way (well.... I think he did) and told me I look like Elizabeth Taylor. My initial reaction was something along the lines of "Oh.... Wow. I don't think I've heard that before, interesting."

Well he proceeded to talk about resemblances to Elizabeth Taylor and how eyebrows are really what leads someone to look like her, etc. etc. etc. At this point I could no longer simply stand by and listen to such gibberish. I kept thinking to myself- Elizabeth Taylor at what age? I mean- there's a difference between the movie National Velvet and the White Diamonds campaign. Right?
After the equivalent of a single page double spaced conversation I politely asked again "Really.... You think I look like Elzsabeth Taylor? I've heard Kirsten Dunst or Maggie Gyllenhaal- but NEVER Elizabeth Taylor!" He looked my way (he really did this time) and simply replied "Not you- ME. I look like Elizabeth Taylor. Look at how the make up artist filled in my eyebrows. I completely look like Elizabeth Taylor."

Oops. I must of misunderstood. What was I thinking? I should know better than to think that male models would be remotely interested in discussing ME - or how I look. It's all about them. Simple Misunderstanding - right? Anybody could of made the same mistake.

All of Seattle's Peacocks came out for the show!

Here comes the Fashions:
Yes- we were that "serious" about mens fashion.

I most certainly did crop his pants that short intentionally.

Now I want you to be honest- do you see the resemblance?

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