Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full Proof SPF = Summer Party Fun

It may come as a surprise to some of you... but there are a few things Martha Stewart and I have in common. While I will never master her talent for cooking, gardening and illegal investing I do concur that ribbon is a survival necessity. I believe the order goes food, shelter, warmth & ribbon. Let me put it into simpler terms..... as a short rope and small twigs were necessary for McGuyver to attain prime night time broadcasting I need ribbon to succeed in the retail business. I use ribbon for tagging, merchandising, embellishing, hanging, organizing, etc. etc. If you don't believe me, visit Mapel's store in Leavenworth- it's all about the ribbon.

Ok- I'm losing sight of my direction with this write up. I don't want to talk about "has been" TV stars- I want to discuss Summer Party Fun. Similiar to Martha I H.E.A.R.T. to entertain. I believe there are a few key components to designing the ideal summer party. Here follows my list of must haves.

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Either Tiki Torches, Lights in a Tree or a Fire
(keeps the guys busy watching/talking/maintaining this sort of stuff)

Food- keep it simple. BBQ style. I would also suggest my latest kitchen conquest of grilled pancetta-wrapped asparagus. Wrap and grill for approx 6 minutes. Voila'

I think Martha would agree that Summer Party Fun can be found in the details. Or as I would say "all things aesthetic". Be sure to use some complimentary plates and decor to set the "mood" for your party.

Last- but certainly not the least in my book would be the adult beverages. Outside of beer and white wine I might also suggest a Lemonade'tini.

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