Sunday, June 1, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Every 2 weeks I get together with our photographer Cleary (check out and "make it happen". We spend about an hour moving furniture, setting up lights & backdrops, steaming clothes and pouring a glass of wine. Towards the end of prep time in walks our "talent". Most recently we have found great talent in Willow. She was recommended by Mapel's biggest fan Allison (the same Allison that introduced Jenelle and I). Willow is tall, beautiful, funny and has this wonderful JCREW'esque aesthetic to her. We loved her from moment one.

Amidst talking about Maria Scarrey (that's Maria Carey for all you "butterfly fans"), the lack of gentrification in Pioneer Square where Willow resides, and why we are experiencing Junuary instead of global warming we somehow manage to actually get some photos shot.

The shots that find their way to our website are cropped, adjusted, buffed, modified (well- you get the idea). However we always end up with a few blooper shots. Those amazing denim butt shots are created when Willow twists her body in the most awkward way and I tug from the bottom end.

We have also found ourselves getting caught up with the "top model" potential these photo shoots have. When the lights are bright, you have a hot model like Brooke, and the camera is clicking away sometimes you can't help but unzip your track jacket and pull out your best Calvin Klein look-right Jake?

Successful photo shoot is equal parts lighting, garment steaming, wine and laughter.

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