Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday IS the new Friday

It's not uncommon for me to schedule a work meeting that "conveniently" coincides with a Happy Hour. If you know me you know I live for Happy Hours. At times (be it rare) I am almost embarrassed how desperately I schedule social gatherings around happy hours. I will literally tell my lobster friends that I will wait up to 30 mins for them to get off work while I post up at the ideal table for our newest happy hour spot. In addition I show up early to work as a cushion in case they can't arrive in time to order from the happy hour menu. Pathetic- I know.
It's not that I'm "cheap" or a "miser" (that would be a previous boyfriend- not me). I am simply obsessed with the perfect "Happy". It's all about a casual gathering, unstructured time line, no commitment (you know I'm commitment'phobic- find further info in a future blog write up) and an excuse to have more than one glass of wine.
With all the being said I want to share with my dear blog readers (all baker's dozen of you) the newest trend in Happy's. Monday IS the new Friday. It wasn't until this last Monday I realized that my beloved Seattle Beholds a Bounty of Beautiful Monday Happy Hour Treasures.

I scheduled a meeting (really..... it was a meeting) with my graphic designer/ illustrator/fine artist/architect/irish fanatic friend Brice.

He suggested Toi since they have "Happy" all night Monday. YES! After an accomplished and successful meeting we decided to get just one more drink. After sauntering through Belltown we literally stumbled and tripped into the newest and best'est spot- Cellars Restaurant & Lounge on 1st Avenue.
I won't go into details but just know that bottles were half off, the entire 1st avenue end of the restaurant was all window that were open with an inviting and cool breeze while they played live & appropriately loud music. Yes!
After a start like this we couldn't help but seek out yet another "Happy" treasure. It was up the hill with us- all the way to Capitol Hill for $5 pool and a cheap pitcher at the Garage. I am NOT skilled in the ways of billiards so most of the night entailed Brice "teaching" me how to read the little white dots on the table while simultaneously talking about the future when we would "shark" those around us.

Once the clock stroke 1.30 am I decided to call it a night and head back down the hill for some zzzzz's. While laying down my head to bed I couldn't help but wonder if I would wake to a long Saturday afternoon or Tuesday. It was that good.

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JDwedding09 said...

Hmmm almost as exciting as happy hour yesterday at Wasabi! ;) I think I love happy hour almost as much as you... but maybe thats because its the only time I can afford to go out! lol