Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding season is right around the corner…(no, really)

Hi, we are Hannah Brownlee and Marisa Coleman, and are excited to finally be announcing the launch of Double-Checked Weddings.  Though we have both been involved in this industry for a number of years, this marks the beginning of an official partnership! If attending the same high school, attending the same college, being housemates, working for the same nonprofit organization after graduation, and starting our families at the same time wasn't enough, we are now business partners. Thankfully, we like each other. We get along. We work well together. What makes us such a good team? We each bring a slightly different work style and a lot of experience to the table. We strongly believe in the “two heads are better than one” philosophy and we work together to sort out all of the last-minute details of each wedding we take on. And we believe our clients benefit from this symbiotic relationship in a big way.

We are based out of the Portland area and specialize in day-of wedding coordination, providing expert facilitation of a couple's rehearsal and wedding day. We are day-of wedding coordinators, not full-on wedding planners. Don't get us wrong, though: we do love each and every detail that goes into wedding planning, but since our families come first, we assign them the priority of our time. Rather, we leave the bulk of the initial arrangements to each couple (offering assistance and vendor recommendations when needed) and then come alongside during the final few months to make sure that we learn the full scope of their vision. On the day of the wedding, we are there to execute that vision, freeing our clients to focus on and enjoy the big picture. Limiting the number of weddings we do take on enables us to best focus our full attention on each bride!

Speaking of what we do for each bride, here are a few examples:
*We create a comprehensive portfolio of documents specific to each wedding - including a master contact list and wedding day itinerary.
*We confirm details with each vendor.
*We facilitate the wedding rehearsal.
*We oversee preparations, photos, ceremony, reception and send-off of the couple at the wedding site.
*We serve as point person and act as liaison for all parties to ensure smooth communication, event flow and event execution across all aspects of the wedding.
*We make available a comprehensive wedding day emergency kit for the bridal suite.

We've tackled all sorts of weddings: we helped out at each other's nuptials, we've braved early morning set-up in chilly, rainy weather…and we're looking forward to working with Mapel's own Staci Stevens as our client this summer!
So if you are planning a wedding and want to ensure that no detail is missed on your big day, give us a call. We would love to sit down and meet with you. Our initial consultation meeting is complimentary as we well understand the need and desire to get to know your wedding coordinator prior to hiring her. Just don't be surprised if your two coordinators are finishing each other's sentences.
Thanks to Staci {with whom we also go way back!} for this opportunity to introduce ourselves to her reader base. It's a unique and fulfilling thing to able to support one another's small business ventures, and Staci has proved herself with a very lucrative one! We are looking forward to visiting the Very Engaging Bridal Event  this Sunday at Bridgeport Village, and will be popping into Mapel to meet with brides (and any grooms who are being dragged along). If you are in the area, drop in to say hello. We would love to meet you!

Hannah Brownlee & Marisa Coleman
Double-Checked Weddings

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