Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shop Keeper

It's been almost four months since Mapel Boutique in Bridgeport has been open. It's only as of the last few weeks I've been able to exhale a huge "Phewwwww". I think we've got our rhythm down (at least for the time being) and I can somehow partition off time for personal stuff. In case you didn't already know- I'm simultaneously planning a wedding (the ball drops on July 23rd) while opening the Bridgeport store.

It's with the extensive help of friends and family that the pieces have come together and I've got my rhythm down balancing work and wedding. With that in mind I want to thank all of the sweet'ness lovelies that have supported Mapel and Me. Me and Mapel.

First off (because I'm obsessed) I have to thank sweet baby Enzo. For those of you that have stopped into the store and inquired about "my son" - let the record show that he's actually my sisters son- but I love him like he's my own. On a fairly regular basis Enzo and Christi stop into the store for a visit. It makes my Day!!!!

If you spell Mapel Boutique backwards you get Brandon. No really. He is such a huge part of Mapel's growth and foundation. Thanks Brandon for being exponentially supportive and brilliant.

I've now started to add my mom to Mapel's scheduling calendar. Like clock work she stops in Every Other Day. With her she brings food - lots of it, enough for that day and the following day. She makes me sit down and eat with her before she leaves. That's a mom for you. She's also been known to entertain children (with her mad Disney drawing skills) while the moms shop.

Next week special thanks to Mapels Brilliant Sales Associates.

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