Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lovers Do It in February

It's been encouraging to see how many Oregon customers love that Mapel is locally owned & operated. We've received an equally positive response to our product assortment of local designers. The same was true for Leavenworth (locally owned and local designers)- but I think in such a small town like Leavenworth most business are locally owned- that includes Dan's Grocery (Dan actually works at the store on a regular basis).

So I didn't think much of the "local" origin of Mapel when I opened the Bridgeport location. It was actually our graphic designer's idea to add a small clause on our sandwich board "locally owned". Out of all the "interesting" facts on our sandwich board (FREE Gift wrapping, Daily Happy Hour specials) it was the "locally owned" clause that got the most feedback. I had customers walk into the store telling me that their co-worker, sister, friend, etc. etc. told them to come in because we were locally based.

You know how my brain gets to thinkin and turnin (and maybe a glass of wine or two helps enable the "turnin'"); Brandon and I came up with an idea. Since Mapel is a local business (and we exist within a very corporate shopping environment) we wanted to find a way to connect with other local entities.
                        -pour more wine & further turnin' ensues-

Eventually we reached our "ah.... Huh" moment and we came up with "Lovers Do It in February" and by "do it" we mean support their local community. During the entire month of February Mapel will donate one of our best selling designer scarves to local womens shelters for every purchase made. Any and Every Purchase (online, in store, on sale, etc. etc.) will equate to a scarf donation to either Raphael House or Salvation Army West Womens Shelter.

As a local business we believe it's important to support local causes and this month we are excited to collaborate with Raphael House & Salvation Army for our "Lovers Do It in February.... by "do it" we mean support their local community".

For further info about our philanthrophy co-sponsors please visit their links listed below:

Salvation Army West Womens & Childrens:

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