Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walk, Drink, Repeat

Wine Walk Pictures provided by Earth & Sky Studios

The 8th Annual Leavenworth Wine Walk was a huge success with the biggest turnout to date! That news wasn't at all surprising to me since I watched the crowds come into Mapel all day long.  I'd like to pretend that the crowds were all in pursuit of fashion, but I have to be honest (darn) and admit that Mapel was a tasting location at this year's wine walk. 
Knipprath Cellars came all the way from Spokane with 3 of the most amazing wines.  The winemaker himself, Henning, brought in the cases of wine and provided tastings to the eager wine walkers.  Next time you're in Spokane, I highly recommend visting Henning at Knipprath Cellars (Henning DID let me take home the open bottles of wine at the end of the night, but that's not the only reason I love Knipprath!).  Rumor has it that Knipprath's wine was one of the most popular at this year's event.  (it's a small town - people talk)

My darling friend Niki drove over from Seattle to help me at Mapel for the day.  Of coarse the customers bought everything they saw Niki wearing since she is so adorable.  Doesn't this Tulle sheer printed top look amazing on  her? I thought it looked so cute that I let her take it home w/ her at the end of the night.  She deserved it after slaving all day on Mapel's behalf!

Niki and I were so busy running around helping all our fabulous customers that we didn't have time to eat, so our endlessly helpful neighbors at Haus Dog Kaffeehaus brought us some homemade mango salsa later in the afternoon.  (don't worry - there is a point to me telling you this random info) As I was ringing up yet another satisfied wine taster, I saw that the crowds had started "sampling" our chips and salsa! "Hey, that's my dinner!" I thought, but only smiled at them as if to say "Enjoy".  One guy who was a bit more
sober than the others finally said to his wife "I think you're eating this girl's supper".  She looked terribly embarrassed and turned bright red and all I could do was laugh. 

At the end of the day, Henning gave me a bottle of my favorite "Au Chocolat" flavored port style wine with pure chocolate extracts and grape spirits. (doesn't look like i'm about to fall asleep gazing at it?) It is the chocolate lover's ultimate dessert wine, which is why I think it's the perfect wine for Mapel! Perhaps Staci and I should start passing out tastings of "au chocolat" in addition to our mapel truffles?!

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