Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 2.5 Minutes of Fame

A quick "speed read" through the LeavenworthEcho.com's Sheriff's Report may lead you to believe there isn't much going on around L'worth.

Disclaimer: That's not to say that the below report's aren't of interest to many local residents.

-A caller on Wilson St. advised they'd been trying to sell a bicycle on Craig's List and had been contacted by someone with all the criteria of a fraud situation.
-A case number for driving with a suspended license was requested at Marson and Marson at 12:24 a.m.
-A 911 hang-up call was received from Alpine Dr.
-A loud party was reported at a vacation rental home on Memory Ln.
-A rockslide was reported on Chumstick Hwy.
-A bicycle was found at Ganz Klasse on Front St.

In addition to the above "newsworth" reports Leavenworth also had her 15mins of fame a few weeks ago- and I was fortunate enough to be an "extra" during her moment in the spot light. It all started mid May. I was working in the store and a member of the Chamber came into the store to ask what our feedback was from the previous weekend's Accordion Festival (yes- you read that correctly & yes it's exactly what you would envision).

Upon completion of our conversation she asked me if I would consider helping the Chamber out this summer. I excitedly responded "yes yes yes - I'm happy to fill in as needed while Jenelle is on maternity leave". She said they didn't really need me on any committees- rather she wanted me to help with marketing media campaigns this summer as a model. I was a little caught off guard but stammered out "Mapel will support the chamber any way possible".

Once she started asking specifics about my dirndl (color, pattern, year, embroidery detail, etc. etc.) I realize I might be in over my head. I quickly (almost embarrassed actually) explained that I don't have a dirndl... well not yet that is.... I've been meaning to order one... but you know how long it takes for them to come in the mail... and well.... you know... it's on my list.
She asked what my size was, jotted something down and was on her way.

Less than 5 days later she called me and asked if I could sit in as an extra for a commercial shoot that same day. Since I would be sitting in as an extra I didn't fuss much over what I was wearing or looking like (and it was like 90 degrees so who cares what I tried to do.... it would all melt anyhow).

So I closed up shop and headed to the Gazebo in the center of town to sit in as an extra for a commercial. Below are pics from L'worth's 15mins of fame and what will quite likely be my only 2.5 mins of fame (since I was an extra I divided by 6).

Yes.... that's half of me.... in the right corner...

Yes... it's that fun listening to fake music with people I've never met before

If only i had a dirndl.....

This round.... it's on me guys.... no really- I insist....

In case you are wonder- I DID take Drama in high school...


Lindsay said...

That's awesome, Staci! You look like a real Leavenworther! :D

Willow said...

Cute. What a fun story!

Jacqueline said...

Well done Staci! Did you get to drink beer or was that fake too?

Kerwin said...

You should just move down to LA and go to auditions with me...you'd book a lot especially with these photos in your book. I LOVE IT! I expect many many more commercials from Staci "the actress/model" xoxo