Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop Pecking on the New Guys

Spring is definitely in the air.

-Tulips and daffodils are reasonably priced at the market.
-The weather is terribly fickle and uncertain.
-Some (who will remain nameless) are even wearing flip flops already.
-I find myself wanting (but not actualizing) to enjoy dinner with friends on the patio.
However there is one sign of spring that is new to me, and to be quite honest an excruciatingly painful sign of spring. Actually I'm getting ahead of myself- so let me back up a few weeks.

My roommate Allison (by Washington state law she is actually my "domestic partner" considering we have lived together for over 7 years) bought a new home in Ballard. In addition to her Cuisinart & couch Allison decided to take me along to her new home.

It's quite nice- a definite "step up" in living conditions. More room for entertaining, more natural light and no dressers left on the side of the street with a sign that says "free". I'm impressed.

However one learning curve we are undergoing and that seems to be specific to the changing of winter into spring would be the wildlife. I am specifically referring to a wood pecker that is "trying" to nest in the front side of Allison's place.

The very nerve of that Pecker. He could of chosen from a multitude of houses in our near vicinity. Why (WHY?) did he have to peck on the new guys. We're new to the neighborhood and trying to learn the ebs and flows of rural life. To be honest we've missed garbage day twice now- the consequences of that doesn't need any explaining.

We are also constantly reminding each other that the crazy lady directly across from us will be a good neighbor in the case of an emergency. However for the time being we are a little worried when she is repeatedly telling us that we can "report" the cars in front of our place that are parked within 2 feet of the side of our driveway.
Today is the 2nd day of his damage work (a.k.a. building his nest). Yesterday afternoon I was working from home when I heard him and run outside to investigate. At first he would just looked at me for a while, I "shooshed" him, then slowly he flew away. Within 5 minutes he would return - as did my shooshing.

I woke up this morning to his "pecking". I was so frustrated that I was woken up by that %&*# pecker that I jumped out of bed and headed straight to the pantry. I needed something- Anything- to throw at him so he knew who was boss. Peanuts were the closet find so peanuts it was. For over an hour we went back and forth. He would show up. He would peck. I would hear him pecking. I would grab my peanuts. I would throw my peanuts. He would fly away. Repeat all over again.

Pardon my French..... but all I can say is "that damn pecker". I'm so frustrated by the permanent damage he has done. Both Alli and I are researching how to rid ourselves of that annoyingly penetrating pecker.
In closing- I love spring weather- however I'm not entirely sure about all the "pecking" that comes with it.

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katie m said...

A huge Congrats to Alison, how exciting!!!! Good luck getting rid of the "pecker", maybe you need a cat or a big squirel...