Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Snuggie Meets One Girl

Fashion is a terribly unpredictable beast. Without a trend reports notice something unjustifiable and unexpected takes off like wild fire. For example, who would of thought those "Alligator" shoes would of taken off? What did you say? They're called Crocs? Oh. Well - sorry - you get the idea.
Well it seems there is another unjustifiable trend lurking. Actually I think it's past "lurking" and is now "flaunting" it's unfitted, oversized yet oh so Charmin soft self all around town.

My friends- the Snuggie has taken flight and it's likely it's won't land for a long time. I actually didn't know what a Snuggie was until I went to a birthday dinner party.... and Everyone except me cheered, laughed and even looked a little jealous when the Snuggie came out. In an effort to keep the informal, unstructured and humorous spirit of the Snuggie alive in the blog I would like to tell the story of "One Snuggie Meets One Girl" via pictures.

Boy thinks quietly to himself: I'm guaranteed to get some later tonight once she opens my gift.
Girl looks at boy lovingly thinking: I'm sure the wine from tonight will put me right to sleep as soon as we get home.

Girl Exclaims: OMG!!! I love it!!! This will definitely help me get right to sleep tonight. Also- and more importantly I know this color will look good on me since the model on the box looks exactly like me.

Girl thinks to herself: Wait a minute...... we just received a memo in the office about revised Casual Friday attire. Did they mention anything about the Snuggie. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking.......

Girl proclaims: It's just the right size for me- and it looks like I might even be able to fit one more in here.

Girl considers knowingly to herself: Yep, this will fit right in with the new Casual Friday dress code.

Later that night girl is seen reading US magazine on the couch- by herself.

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Lindsay said...

HAHA! This is amazing! I can't believe Cleary didn't tell me that she got a SNUGGIE!

This is hilarious. Will Mapel become an authorized Snuggie dealer? =P