Thursday, November 13, 2008


Upon turning 30 I received numerous "best wishes" and "words of wisdom". All of the W.O.W. (as in words of wisdom- come on... keep up) had to do with being content in who you are and laughing at yourself when necessary.

Essentially my girlfriends and I have been saying the same thing for years- however we've summed it up by saying "Own It". If you have read at least 2 of my blog postings you've likely read me referring to the power in "Owning It".

The turning of 3 decades got me to thinking about what I have learned with time about myself and others, how to be content, the power of owning it and laughing at yourself when necessary.

Before I start sounding like Oprah I wanted to recap a few things
my friends and I have come to love about ourselves:

To have that last cupcake that has been sitting on the lunchroom table at work. If nobody sees you eat it, the calories don’t count.

To indulge yourself in “bad” (but it’s sooo good) reality TV…Rock of Love, Flavor of Love,
I Love Money, Top Model…

To make an absolute & entire mess out of a hotel room you are sharing with girlfriends for the weekend. (Meaning- it's OK to live like a pig when away from your own home).
To wear a shirt with no pants – and call it a dress.

To have that 3rd glass of vino….it makes the decision to order the 4th, so much easier.

To pretend that you just can’t get that jar of pickles open, just so your big strong man can come to the rescue (he loves it)

To think that the only time a woman should NOT be wearing heels, is when she is at the gym or asleep (and that is even up for debate) – it’s also okay to think that heels under 4” are not even worth the bother…you might as well wear flats.

To spend at least 30 minutes of your work day online shopping at – and still billing your time to the client (your clients expect you to look nice right?)

To carry mini bottles of alcohol in your purse – just for emergencies.

To do "yard work" as an excuse to get together with friends and gossip on a long Sunday afternoon.

To indulge in retail therapy – nothing can turn a winter day blue quite like a pair of new velvet skinny pants

How about you?
What are your "Owning It" moments?
Leave us a comment with your W.O.W!!!

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Willow said...

Falling asleep with your makeup on, because you are just too tired to take it off :)