Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I had initially planned on writing this weeks blog about my 30th birthday bash. Just today I sent off the snapfish album and had over 180 photos to choose from for my write up. However (and unfortunately) an occurrence of unmeasurable despair has occurred and I feel it's more valuable to issue a Public Service Announcement instead of carry on about my fabulous Birthday Bash.

(Tune in next when when the despair will of likely dissipated and I'll be ready to share my Birthday Splendor).

The Monday night following my Birthday Bash my Jetta (pronounced with a think German tongue 'yetta') was violated. While parked in front of my parents Vancouver WA condo minding it's own baltic green self some nasty hamburglars decided to smash in my rear drivers window. They not only left heaps of glass in and outside of the car- they also got away with my Mapel holiday decors. Those selfish assholes. I had just spent all day Monday (along with a sweet and even tempered accomplice (that is until about the 11th hour)) shopping all over Portland for holiday decors. Being the savvy business owner that I am I knew I had to take advantage of no sales tax before returning to Seattle. (Yes- I had every intention of passing those "no sales tax" savings onto our dear Mapel customers).

The rest of my day was spent talking with my insurance company, Mapel's insurance company, glass repair shops and the stores I had purchased my holiday decors from. After 3 hours of waiting and $100 in repairs my 'yetta' was back in shape- alas my heart & peace of mind had not yet repaired.

What confused me was the ?why? and ?what the hell? of all this. I had Never had anything like this happen. My parents parking lot has video surveillance and is a quiet & safe area.

After a little Sherlock inquiry session with the local business' and residents we found out a number of other cars within a 5 mile radius had been broken into. Upon further investigation the window repair shop told me the below statistics (here follows my Pubil Service Announcement):
-On average they receive 5 calls or jobs for window repairs a day
(this does not include chipped windshields)
-That number slightly spikes after Thanksgiving & through the holidays
-Within the last month or so their average # of calls or jobs has increased to 20+

Well- there's my ?why? and ?what the hell?. I can only assume it's the #$%&* economy again. I vote we start a petition to turn this economy around. It's getting really depressing and annoying.
In close I want my dear readers to take heart and know that as per my usual M.O. I will not simply take this sitting down. Economy or not - breaking into my baltic green 'yetta' is uncalled for and reasons for retaliation. My even tempered shopping accomplice and I will be performing a sting operation before months end. No Joke. If necessary I will issue a citizens arrest.
You can't hold me (or my Mapel holiday loot) down. Those assholes.

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Tracy said...

Stace I am so sorry that you had to go through that : ( I agree that there is a correlation between a *hitty economy and a spike in crime...Let me know if you want me to help with your sting opertation- we all know I am good at citizens arrests and have plenty of college drive by/spying experience that would come in handy.