Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Talk About " " Talent....

I was blown away this week by how entirely brilliant Mapel's new landing page pics are. Actually- the word Brilliant doesn't do them justice. It's like those MasterCard commercials when they list  the amount as "Priceless". In this case the evoked emotion is "indescribable".

About 2 months ago my good friend and Mapel veteran photographer Cleary of Cleary O'Farrell Photography emailed me with some inspiration pics she ran across. She had been playing around on the web and ran across some great mood evoking pics of a product model alongside a corresponding yet not predictably complimentary image. She thought it might be an interesting idea for Mapel. A few weeks later we managed to muster up a Fabulous model (actually a customer of Mapel's and friend of Cleary's from Seattle), a vacant vintage Seattle apartment on Queen Anne and a date that worked for all three of us.

I packed up the 'yetta with all of the fall preview treats we had in store and embarked on a trek from Leavenworth to Seattle- a voyage I was now very proficient at. It was immediate collaborative chemistry amongst the three of us. The shoot itself was inspiring, smooth and somewhat easy. I knew if Cleary was doing the photos I would be in good hands.

What I didn't know was that Cleary's eye (in this case lens) caught moments, views, moods, colors and textures I didn't even begin to notice. When I received the final pics this week I was speechless. So speechless I had to call her directly to tell her how "          " I was. (Remember- words don't describe the caliber and context of how "        " these pics are.)

So.... enough "         "- let's get to the goods. Below are a few of my favorites. Thanks Miss Cleary for your ever evolving talent and your dear friendship.

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