Thursday, July 9, 2009


Earlier this week I got together with some friends for a reality TV marathon (I'm voting Ed all the way- he is total cutie'). While driving home I realized I have been keeping a secret from my blog readers.
(?Do I have "blog readers"? For the sake of conversation let's change that to read "blog browsers" because I know you don't really READ what I write- it's more of a selective speed read and quick glance at my pics.)

At no point in my 2 + years of blog'ing have I mentioned my participation in an organized fraternal group. Why have I never revealed my 4 collegian years in a sorority and 8 years of advising for my sorority?

I think my hesitation to mention my sorority started just after graduation when I was a design assistant for a large department store. I won't name names- but it rhymes with Nordstrom. The design team would sit in fit sessions and ask the same questions while reviewing a garment:

-is the armhole placement correct
-are the shoulder points at least 15.5 apart
-does the neck drop call for a cami

At some point someone would inevitably ask "Would the DG buy it". In our fit sessions DG was intended to mean two things 1. "Dumb Girl" 2. An organized fraternal group that I won't mention.

I think from that moment forward I was selective who I mentioned my sorority involvement to. Similar to religion or politics I learned to keep a poker face until it was time to reveal my cards.

So, in an effort to wash away my previous sins and come clean I am confessing my involvement (given my volunteer work it should actually read "over involvement") in an organized fraternal group. I would like to further my confession to read "I love it". I am terribly proud to be an alumni member and to have the opportunity to volunteer for my sorority.

I look forward to catching up with my sorority sisters when I'm in Portland and savoring O'fest with them in October and celebrating weddings and new family additions together.

This weekend I am looking forward to & greatly anticipating the visit of 4 amazing sorority sisters that I have the privilege of advising with for the UW chapter. The 5 of us will paint L'worth an electric shade of black and gold and I can't wait!!!!

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JDwedding09 said...

We also called them "Dirty Girls"... haha