Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Traditional is the new Modernism

I have always admired Kate Spade's ability to mix multiple design elements into one stellar piece. She blends sophistication, originality, tradition and keeps it modern. She is my inspiration for this weeks blog and online Happy Hour offerings.

I want to touch on the world of black and white dressing. It's about finding the finesse to lend a modern look to very traditional colors.

"Even if you're traditional, you shouldn't be afraid of being modern. What's interesting is combining the two sensibilities. When fused, a third, unique aesthetic is expressed" kate spade

Think vintage solid black typewriter meets vivid white iMac

Think of the style endurance in a little black dress perfectly
complimented by double strand pearls
Think classic beach white jeans "kicked up a notch" with black gladiator sandals

White flowing satin gown and starched black tux

Traditional saddle shoes paired with pointelle cotton summer dress

"I think women in black communicate greater sophistication than men in black- with the exception of Johnny Cash, who looked great in black." kate spade

"Wear white with caution and wear it interestingly. I always like white to break up the color. So my thinking is that with primary or secondary colors, white is used to clarify." kate spade

This week we are featuring a variety of traditional yet modern black and white pieces to enhance your wardrobe.

Thursday: Ella Moss Rhianna Dress 50% off = $82

Friday: Ben Sherman Pencil Skirt 40% off = $59.40

Saturday & Sunday: Mac & Jac Drop Neck Sweater 40% off = $58.80

Tuesday: Croc Handbag Shopper 40% off = $30

Wednesday: Ben Sherman Rohe Button Down $10 off = $39.50

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Willow said...

My favorite: black and white! It's timeless!